Press Release

Monarchist League of New Zealand

14th February 2004


The Government has announced a major review of oaths and affirmations. Oaths taken by new citizens, public office holders, and some public service employees will be included, though not those taken by professional groups and witnesses in court.

The review will consider whether current oaths adequately reflect the values and beliefs important to New Zealanders in the 21st century; whether the language of oaths under review requires modernising; and options for changing, modernising, replacing, or removing the oaths under review.

A working group led by the Ministry of Justice will report back to the Government in June, and public submissions are expected to be sought in early 2005.

We hope and expect that this will not become yet another example of republicanism by stealth, and that the oath of allegiance is not abolished, or republicanised by removing reference to the Queen. An oath or affirmation is a serious commitment, particularly an oath of allegiance, though one which may have been taken lightly by some of our politicians. The oath of allegiance reflects the reciprocal relationship of Queen and people, one which also reflects the relationship between Crown and Maori represented by the Treaty of Waitangi. A declaration of allegiance to New Zealand, or to the Prime Minister, would be a poor substitute.


Dr Noel Cox


Monarchist League of New Zealand Inc