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This page is meant to be a guide to the resources of interest to Jewish Pagans, both on and off the Net, as well as some background information on Judeopaganism and Semitic Paganism in general. Unfortunately, my grand plans for this page never quite materialized and I let it get way out of date. I just did a small revision of this page, but it still needs loads of work and a complete redesign. I'm not sure when I'll have time to do that, but in the meanwhile, enjoy what is here, and let me know if any links don't work by contacting me.

Note: Please don't email me to ask about what it means to be a Jewish Pagan. I'm hoping to write my own essay on the subject soon, but in the meanwhile, I don't have time to reply to everyone who asks this. Here's a short explanation that might help those who are wondering what this page is all about. In my case, it means that I'm culturally Jewish (i.e., my background is primarily Jewish, I was raised Jewish, etc.), and I'm currently a Pagan (and a Thelemite, but that's a whole other story). Also, my Jewish background has made me more interested in Ancient Hebraic Religion, as well as the rest of the Ancient Near East, though currently my interest is more researched-based than practical. This is only my personal point of view. For other points of views, try some of the links on my site. There is no one definition of what Jewish Paganism means, but then there's not one definition of what Jew or Pagan means either.

Jewish Pagan Sites

When I first put up this site, there were no other Jewish Pagan sites on the web. Now there are many of them. I've gotten a lot of these links from the Jewitchery site which is a great site for those who are more Wiccan or Witchy. (I'm not a Wiccan or any other kind of witch, but I find it a good site nonetheless.)

Mailing Lists

I've put these resources second, since I think they will be useful for those interested in corresponding with various Jewish Pagans and finding out other viewpoints on what it means to be Jewish and Pagan. Also, in the case of the first list which I run, there are web-based archives which are a useful resource even if you don't join the list.

  • jap-l, the Jewish Pagan mailing list (note new address--the address no longer works)
  • Jewitchery, a list for Jewitches and those curious
  • LevantPagan: Canaanite, Phoenician, Punic and Levantine Pagan religions

General Jewish and Pagan FAQs

These two links are useful for general information on mainstream Paganism and Judaism.

Ancient Hebraic Religion

Ancient Hebraic Religion was not as "monotheistic" as many believe. In fact, there were polytheistic elements to the popular practice, not to mention evidence that the Hebrews were originally descended from the Canaanites.

Sumerian, Babylonian, Canaanite and other Mesopotamian and Ancient Near East Paganism

This section includes a mix of historical/archeological sites and Pagan and magickal ones.

Historical/Archeological Sites

Pagan/Magickal Sites

Goddesses, Feminine Images of the Divine, and Women's Issues

Many Pagans are interested in the Goddess, goddesses, andthe feminine aspects of the Divine. Jewish Pagans are no exception.


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