White Christmas
                                       Shirley Johns
This evening Catherine is sitting in her apartment itís Christmas Eve and the weather has been a little warm for this time of year.  She has been hoping for a white Christmas but the warmer temperature may not  permit one.  She and Vincent have been together three years  but they have never spent a Christmas together. She would go with her father  to their cabin  five miles from the city.  Vincent stayed Below to be with his family and read the Christmas Story  to the children each year.  She missed him terribly during this holiday but she knows he has other responsibilities  and she had her  dad..  He was her last living relative and he died about eight months ago so this year will be her first Christmas alone.  Her friend Jen had met a really nice guy earlier this year and they were spending Christmas  together at her mother's home in Connecticut.  When her father died Vincentís  love  helped her through the grief and sorrow and she stayed Below until she had healed.  The time spent with him was the most beautiful time she has ever remembered.  Although it was under a sadden condition she felt at home with him in his world.  All too soon she had to return Above but her days and nights were never the same.  She needed  him with her. Feeling a tear fall down her face, she quickly swiped it away.  She did not want him to come to her leaving the children.. OK Chandler get yourself together it is Christmas a time to be happy.  She decided to  decorate her tree and her apartment hoping to cheer her up.  She put on her favorite station and listened to Christmas carols.  By the time she  completed her decorations, she did  feel better.. 

It had been a hectic day at work and she could really use a bath.  After soaking for a while she  wrapped herself in a red satin robe and made a cup of tea.  Curling up on her couch she began to read the Christmas story and dozed off.  As she slept she dreamt of spending Christmas with Vincent by the fireplace listening to Christmas music as the snow outside covered the world in a white blanket.  She was awaked a few hours later by a soft tap on her balcony door.  Running she opened the doors to the love of her life.  Vincent gathering  her in his arms  held her close.  What are you doing here  I thought you would be Below with the children? Feeling the heat from Catherine's body through the robe was very disturbing  making it hard to answer.  Hiding the passion in his voice he said he was reading to the children Below and felt a sadness come over me and I knew it was you.  When I stopped in the middle of the story  the children asked me what was wrong.  I explained  I felt your sadness and they all agreed that you needed me here.  They could get father or someone else to finish the story and they told me to go to you.  Catherine the children love you so and I love them Vincent.  Looking up at him he saw the mist of tears in her  eyes. Before he realized what was to happen he lowered his head and gently kissed her lips.  The action left Catherine surprised but very happy.  Vincent has never kissed her before and it felt wonderful. All too soon he realized what had happened and released her but his eyes never left hers.  Catherine I donít know what just came over me but I had to kiss you. Vincent,  slightly lowering her eyes, that was all right it felt wonderful.  I have been hoping you would one day bring yourself to do that. Placing his arm around her waist he said come let us sit by the fire.  This surprised her as well  as he has never entered her apartment before.  Removing his cloak he took a seat on the couch and asked her to join him. Resting her head on his chest he said now tell me Catherine what made you so sad?  I realized that this was my first Christmas alone and it sadden me that's all.  After I decorated and took a bath I felt better.  I am sorry you felt you had to come here leaving the children.  Catherine I felt your need and I came to you  I will always be here for you.  I know as I will be for you.  I love you Vincent.  Placing a soft kiss on the top of her head he said I know.  Feeling the atmosphere getting a little uncomfortable, Catherine knew what she had to do.  Removing herself from Vincent arms she asked if he would like some tea.  Silent thanking her he said yes.  As he watched her leave, he noticed how that soft satin of her robe caressed her lovely body.   Closing his eyes he inhaled her lingering rose scent that he loved so well.  As Catherine filled the tea kettle with water her thoughts went to the man in her livingroom.  Vincent was wearing a white shirt, snug fitting brown leather pants and knee high black boots.  She has seen him in other clothing but it was usually in layers. But this outfit emphasizes just how magnificently built he really is.  When she felt the water run down her hand it returned her thoughts to the task at hand.  Turning off the water she placed the kettle on the burner and returned to the livingroom.  When she did, blue eyes met gray green ones and, he came to her gathering her close. Catherine while you were gone I was thinking that I would like us to be closer.  I know you have for a long time. Yes Vincent I have.  Catherine would you mind if I kissed you again? Of course not kiss me as many times as you wish.  Smiling he captured her lips within in his own.  The kiss seemed to go on forever and Catherine hated for it to end. Looking down into her eyes he said Catherine, I want, I would like.  Yes Vincent what is it.  Seeing the look in his eyes she knew what he was asking.  Hold that thought one minute and she returned to the kitchen.  Turning off the water she returned. Vincent. I want this too.  Taking his hand she lead him to the bedroom.

Some hours later she woke up in the arms of the man she loves and noticed from her bedroom window that it was snowing.  Silently leaving the bed careful not to wake him, she went out on her balcony. It had snowed sometime during the evening and the scene around her was a winter wonderland.  Smiling she took in the sight before her when she felt strong arms go around her waist.  Vincent isnít it beautiful? He said yes my love but I know something even more beautiful pulling her close against his bare chest placing a soft kiss upon her  back. Catherine these last few hours have been a dream come true.  Yes Vincent they have. Turning toward him she wrapped her arms around his neck and captured his lips in a kiss.  Thank you Vincent for making this the best Christmas I ever had. I love you.  I love you too Catherine.  Come sweetheart let us return to the warmness of your bed and each other.  Looking one last time outside she said, yes this is the time for miracles I got my White Christmas and the best present I could have hoped forÖÖ.

The End

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