New Zealand Education history
For Rollo Arnold, the history of education in New Zealand was totally inter-twined with the origin of the settlers (hence his interest in immigration) and the society they created. A number of the social history articles are also relevant for education.

Articles that he published that related to education were:

"Using the School Dispute to Explore the Social Context of Schooling: A case study" Typescript of a paper presented to the first National Conference of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education, 7-10 Dec 1970. This looks in particular at a dispute in Blenheim.

"The Child in Later Victorian New Zealand" Australasian Victorian Studies Association Conference Papers, 1982 ed by H Debenham and W Slinn. A shortened version was published in Comment April 1982 No 15 pp 22-27

"Karori School 1875-1882: The Delayed Revolution" Typescript of an article but I am still trying to trace where it was published.

"North Island Education 1871-77: 'The Greap Leap Forward'." New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, Vol 8 No 2 Nov 1973

"A "New" History of Education for New Zealand" Text of an address given to the Wellington Institute for Educational Research, 6 September 1973

"North Island Education 1878-1882: 'Filling the Gaps".New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies vol 9 No 2 Nov 1974

"The School and Christan Responsibility for Community"
Christian Responsibility in Society ed RM Yule 1977.

"The Village and the Globe: Aspects of the Social Origins of Schooling in Victorian New Zealand" ANZHES Journal, Vol 5 No 2 Spring 1976

"The Wellington Education Board 1878-1901: Grappling with Educational Backwardness and Advancing Settlement"
Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society Journal vol 6 no 2 Spring 1977

"Women in the New Zealand Teaching Profession 1870-1920: A Comparative Perspective" New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, vol 20 No 1, May 1985