Articles about Immigration
Rollo Arnold's major work on Immigration was his book The Farthest Promised Land. It is avaliable online at

Other articles that he published are:

"Assisted Emigration and the Peopling of Colonial New Zealand: the characters and the play."
Immigration Proceedings of the 1987 Conference of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

The Australasian Peoples and their World, 1888-1915" in Tasman Relations edited by Keith Sinclair, 1987

"Brogden's navvies" Landfall in the Southern Seas Proceedings of the 8th Australasian Congress of Genealogy and Heraldry. Compiled by Garry Jeffery
(Apologies that this scan is so difficult to read. The binding was extremely tight)

"The Dream and the Reality English Village Immigrants to New Zealand in the 1870s",
Otaki Historical Society historical journal, volume 2 1979, pp 4 - 11.

"The Dynamics and Quality of Trans-Tasman Migration, 1885-1910"
Australian Economic History Review XXVI, March 1986, p 1-20

"The Kentish Exodus of 1879" Cantium. Kent Local History Vol 6 No 4 Winter 1974

"The 'Revolt of the Field' in Kent 1872-79"
Past and Present 64 (1974) pp 71-95

"Dynamics of the Invisible: on the Trail of New Zealand's Trans-Tasman Influx, 1900-1908" Under the Southern Cross Papers presented to the Third Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry. Compiled by Antonia J Jones

"English Rural Unionism and Taranaki Immigration, 1871-1876"
New Zealand Journal of History, Vol 6 No 1 April 1872 pp 20-41

"Family or Strangers? Trans-Tasman migrants, 1870-1920" Austalia-New Zealand: Aspects of a Relationship. Proceedings of the Stout Research Centre Eighth Annual Conference

"Exodus from the Fringes: Emigrants to New Zealand 1839-1879" Unpublished typescript, no date.

"Oxfordshire Emigrants to New Zealand during the Farm Labourers' Revolt in 1870s"
Typescript of a talk given to the Wellington Group of the NZ Society of Genealogist, 17 June 1976

"The School and Christian Responsibility for Community" Christian Responsibility in Society, Ed by Robert M Yule, pp 44-60
(This title is included as it has a long section on migration from Lincolnshire to New Zealand)

"Some Australasian Aspects of New Zealand Life, 1890-1913"
New Zealand Journal of History Vol 4 no 1 April 1970, pp 54-76