Indian Field United Methodist Church
St. George, South Carolina

    A recent search through old records of the church have produced some interesting facts.  How old is IFUMC?  Almost two hundred years old!  In the year 1886 Rev. A. M. Christzburg, pastor of the St. George Circuit, which included Indian Field at that time, compiled a list of all the pastors and residing elders who had served this church across one century of its existence.  The first pastor listed was Edward West, 1787 and Beverly Allen was the presiding elder.

     The first building was located on the Orangeburg Road about three miles east of Rosinville.  The church was made famous by visits from Bishop Francis Asbury.  He wrote in his journals that he preached at IFUMC on December 21, 1801 and January 13, 1803.

     The second church structure was built sometime before the year 1819 near the site of the present church.  During this time, IFUMC was apart of the Cypress Circuit.  A record has been found which shows that the Third Quarterly Meeting of the Cypress Circuit was held at IFUMC on September 25, 1848.  The Rev. James Wragg Capers was the presiding elder at the meeting.

     In 1886 the second building was replaced by a new one.  The new building consisted only of a sanctuary.  IFUMC being one of the main churches of our county outgrew its membership for the third time and had to be enlarged again.  In the years 1928 and 1929 during the pastorates of the Rev. E. P. Johnson and Rev. S. D. Newell, four church rooms were added.  During the pastorate of the Rev. Victor Hickman, the church was further renovated.  New lights, gas heaters, new pews and new pulpit furniture were installed.

     In 1951, on land given by Mrs. Sarah Kizer and through the hard work of the pastor, Rev. W. A. Horne and members, a fourth church building was begun and completed within the next year.  In 1954 IFUMC became a stationed church.  Rev. Horne was the first full-time pastor.

     On May 1, 1955, our present building was dedicated  "To the Glory of God and the Service of Men"  by Bishop Costen J. Harrell.  Rev. Cellis L. Woodard was District Superintendent at the time.  The sanctuary is beautiful in every way and with the balcony will seat over three hundred people.  Through the years, IFUMC has been served by a number of dedicated and faithful pastors.

     In 1953 the parsonage was built.  In the late 1950's the Christian Fellowship Hall was built under the leadership of Rev. B. C. Gleaton.

     IFUMC Cemetery was started approximately about the time of the second church building because a grave marker can be found dated 1819.
                                    (dated)  **November 11, 1984 by Church Historian
History of the Indian Field United Methodist Church
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