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terrybezer / News / 06/08/2009 10:35am

dani90Dani Filth talks to us about how work is progressing on the new Cradle Of Filth album! Check othis out and him talking about how Joey Jordison nearly joined his new side-project on this week’s Metal Hammer podcast - available from tomorrow!

What’s happening with Cradle Of Filth?

“We have a couple of songs on the go already. We want to go in studio mid November with an eye on releasing it in May or June 2010.”

How is it sounding?

“It’s still very formative, very embryonic still. There’s a lot of agro. It’s creepily melodic, like Merciful Fate or a dark Iron Maiden. It’s very fast with lots of keyboards. I guess most people would say that sounds like Cradle Of Filth anyway, ha ha.”

“As for themes and narrative? That’ll happen later when the songs start to take shape. It gives people something to sink their teeth into.”

Check out Cradle of Filth’s new video for their track ‘The Death Of Love’.


Her mans, Her mits

Hell yea boi!

Godspeed…. is the best metal album of the last few years and the thought of another Cradle record makes me drool a wee bit =D

a-ha karten

hallo a-ha fans!

tickets ab 49 euro bei!

Sie kommen wieder nach Deutschland und beglücken die Fans in 4 der größten Veranstaltungshallen Deutschlands.

bei gibt es noch karten!!

What about more UK tour dates!?
I mean Godspeed only came out last October, surely there’s plenty of life left in their touring campaign for that!

So far they’ve done ONE UK date, ever so surprisingly in London, and are only doing ONE more UK date this year, at a festival I can’t afford to get to! :(

As much as the prospect of a new album pleases me, surely Godspeed can be played to the masses for a bit longer?

Yeah right now it feels kinda fast
but if u think about it we still have to wait almost
a year for the new album
Godspeed is awesome and theres still plenty of life for it in tour i guess

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