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Fun on Valentines Day
By A. E. L.

It was valentines day and Vincent and Catherine were having a cozy,
relaxing time in Vincent's chamber.
Vincent sat in his favourite chair,
with his feet resting on the top of his bed.
Catherine lay on his bed,
hugging one of his large pillows.
Vincent was reading a book of "love poems",
which he could feel were getting Catherine
thoroughly aroused. Through the bond
he could feel the mischievous mood she was in. Catherine slowly reached over
and plucked a heart shaped chocolate
from a box on the bedside table.
She fixed her eyes on Vincent

as she seductively licked the chocolate,
slowly trailing her tongue along the edges.
Vincent had stopped reading by this time
and couldn't take his eyes off Catherine.
She slowly bit into the chocolate to remove the end, then tantalisingly probed the inside
with the end of her tongue,
tasting the delicious liquid centre.
In and out her tongue went........
Vincent could feel Catherine undressing him
with those seductive green eyes..
He could feel his desire rising within him.
He lay the book down,
but he never lost eye contact with her.
"Mmmmmmmmm, lovely"said Catherine,
as she finally popped the chocolate into her mouth.
She then proceeded to insert each chocolate covered finger into her mouth
and suck them clean,one by one.
Vincent could hardly contain himself
as Catherine slowly started moving her hands
up his strong,muscled legs,
towards her "goal".
She could see Vincent's desire straining against his jeans. She knew she was ready for him,
but she wanted to tease him a bit longer.
"Vincent would you like a liqueur?"
.A little taken aback,
Vincent stammered "er eh yes Catherine,
I would love a liqueur".
Catherine plucked another heart shaped chocolate
from the box and said "let me hold it for you Vincent".
She brought the chocolate up to Vincent's mouth,
and he began to re-enact
Catherine's earlier seductive manner.
Catherine could feel herself
getting more and more aroused by the second,
as Vincent bit off the end of the liqueur
and inserted his rough tongue in,
then out,bringing the tasty liquid with it.
Catherine said "let me taste you Vincent".
She slowly took the end of Vincent's tongue into her mouth and sucked the cherry flavoured liquid off.
As she finished the last drop,
she then placed the chocolate into Vincent's mouth
and let him suck the chocolate from each and every finger, before she placed her lips on his
and probed his chocolate flavoured mouth
with her tantalising tongue.
Their tongues found each other
and mingled with the chocolate.
Both of them were very 'near'by now.
Catherine's eager little fingers loosened the belt on Vincent's jeans and undid the buttons.
She could feel his relief as his hardness was released from the material restraining it.
Vincent moved his hands slowly down Catherine's back and loosened the fastening on her skirt,
quickly dropping it to the floor.
He then removed her small
lace 'covering'with one sharp claw.
Catherine straddled Vincent on the chair and eased down slowly to capture him within her.
They both let out a moan of ecstacy.
Soon they were lost in a cataclysmic climax, as there bodies became a torrent of spasms and shudders.
They clung to each other as their bodies slowly came back down to earth.......
A while later Vincent was reading to Catherine again
as a message came over the pipes announcing
that it was supper time.
Vincent held out his hand and said,
"Catherine it's supper time, shall we?".
Catherine raised her head and seductively looking through her bangs said "Vincent it's valentines day, I only eat chocolate
liqueurs on valentines day,shall we?"