Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Season 6
Space Ghost's obsession with hair care products finally gets him into trouble when he lathers up with Chambraigne, the shampoo for your brain. Despite limb loss, Space Ghost tries to convince Bob Costas and the world that Chambraigne truly is an intelli-hancer. Then Carl explodes.
The comedy stakes are high when Space Ghost, Moltar, Zorak and guest Steven Wright are stalked by body-snatching pods. Show producers auctioned off the ending of this episode on eBay.
73Girl Hair
Girl hair. Hanson has it and Space Ghost is obsessed with combing it. This episode reveals Space Ghost's dark side as well as Zorak's desire to procure teeth so that he can get into clubs. Appearances by the Tooth Fairy and Santa bring about one of the weirdest scenes yet staged on the show.
In this sequel to 'Lawsuit,' Space Ghost has been sent to the slammer for years of mistreating Jan and Jace. Birdman is called upon to guest host the show, but spends most of his time lamenting an impending divorce from his wife Galaxy Girl, a.k.a. Sylvia.
75Curling Flower Space
Jerry Springer and Sarah Jessica Parker nearly get trampled in this bizarre romp through the minds of Space Ghost, Moltar and Zorak. Then the band Boston shows up.
76Table Read
The writing and production staff of 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' join voice talents C. Martin Croker (Zorak and Moltar) and George Lowe (Space Ghost) to read through a script of an episode entitled 'Fire Ant.'
77Fire Ant
Space Ghost and talk show host Conan O'Brien are engaged in riveting and witty repartee when a fire ant bites Space Ghost and everything goes Dada.
78King Dead
Jon Benjamin, voice of Ben Katz on Comedy Central's 'Dr. Katz,' guests on a show that features rare appearances by Brak and Tansut.
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