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eInclusion :: Call for Tender :: Study on monitoring e-accessibility (SMART 2008-0066)

Study on monitoring e-accessibility (SMART 2008-0066) NOW CLOSED

Further to the non award of the contract, this call, first published in June, had reopened in November.

What More Information
Page Updated 23/06/2009
Title Study on monitoring e-accessibility (SMART 2008-0066)
Award notice 2009/S 117-168430
Call closed 15/01/2009, at 16:00 hours (Brussels local time)
OJ reference 2008/S 218-289839
Short description The study aims to monitor the status and progress of e-accessibility. The main tasks are to:
  • Provide an “e-accessibility implementation report” on the current status of the e-accessibility situation in selected countries based on both the legislative and the non-legislative environment. This task includes an annual reporting of the active status of e-accessibility;
  • Ensure a direct and active interaction with relevant actors involved in implementing and monitoring e-accessibility in practice. This task includes the organisation of workshops to collect information for task 1 and task 3 from correspondents and to stimulate the exchange of experience between decision makers in selected countries building on the findings of task 3;
  • Define, develop and apply a benchmarking framework for monitoring and comparing progress over time and between countries on e-accessibility through the approaches and mechanisms cited above.
Contact EINCLUSION-TENDERS@ec.europa.eu

Further clarifications regarding the tender specifications and/or the model contract can be requested at this mailbox.
F.A.Q. will then be published and updated regularly on this website .

Call Documents                 Download
Invitation to tender ~24kb
Tender specifications ~ 170kb
Model contract ~ 81kb