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RD Wallpaper #11:...-wp11.jpg
Xosé Estrada 2 Hours Ago 20:25
For millions of hardcore motorsports fans endurance is the pinnacle of competition, even more more than F1.
The end is near...-earlys.jpg
Stefan Werner 6 Hours Ago 15:52
The end of summer is nearing and so is the end of Eric Kaczmarek's highly successful Super Enduro series, with the final Racing Club event scheduled for Saturday, September 5th @ Le Mans. The announcement of the end of the series came as...
Logitech G27 review by...-g27.jpg
James Yates 7 Hours Ago 15:26
Another review, this time from SimHQ Darwin theorized that the process of evolution would cause a species to refine itself over time, with stronger, more effective traits advancing while weaker or ineffective traits were killed off. That theory...
SRT reviews the Logitech...-g27.jpg
Bram Hengeveld 11 Hours Ago 11:30
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5-BowDSEc0 Join the discussions in our Logitech forum: click here
The Art Of Endurance-es1.jpg
Rhys Gardiner 1 Day Ago 09:14
"Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing which is meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of participants." -Wikipedia How very true. Endurance racing is one of the hardest and most glamorous forms of motor racing....
Preview MMG's Renault...-7-4-2renault_logo.jpg
Mark Birney 3 Days Ago 20:07
My first real shot at this whole review thing, so don't expect a Rhyssie :) MMG's Reanult Clio Cup: When Eric told me to "preview this mod or I'll break your legs with a teapot" naturally I accepted. I drove a while around the Brand Hatch Indy...
(American) Le Mans...-rdlms.png
Bram Hengeveld 3 Days Ago 18:49
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGsG_Y9UgNQ Now experience it yourself in our rFactor racing club: click here
GTR 2 lobby fix available-gtr2.jpg
Bram Hengeveld 3 Days Ago 13:06
After the GT Legends lobby went down a few weeks ago, also the GTR 2 lobby went down recently due to domain issues. Previously Ramon van Rijn fixed the GTL lobby (Lobby Fix and Registration Fix) and Simbin now fixed the domain issues with the...
Johnny Herbert joins...-st_4853_9e7e.jpg
Rob Shillito 3 Days Ago 23:57
I am over the moon that he has agreed to race the last 3 races of the season in the Team Dynamics Honda Civic. I really hope he gets the best out of the car and can pull in some good results. From BTCC.net
RD Formula One...-youtube.png
Eric Kaczmarek 4 Days Ago 03:47
Superb intro by the master himself!!!!!!! Thank you Tim!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3dm_8qeK1g
RD Le Mans Series:...-rdlmsmini.png
Bram Hengeveld 5 Days Ago 16:52
A quick heads up. We have decided to replace the good old PCC mod that we have used for some time now with the highly populair Endurance Series from the Enduracers Modding Team, which is a lot more realistic in our opinion. This results in...
Shift Car of the Week-zonda1.jpg
Rob Shillito 5 Days Ago 13:09
EA say that the Pagani Zonda is always nearly at the top of the most wanted car list when they conduct surveys. They also say that it was one of the first cars that was put into Shift because they wanted it to be in the early public builds of the...
JDM All Stars event at...-2782413470_e2d942e666_o.jpg
Rob Shillito 5 Days Ago 23:52
This is for those of you out there who like drifting or nice cinematic work or both, then you will love this. Its taken from the JDM Drift event at Wembley Stadium. Presented by JDM. Great use of the camera car in some of the shots in this...
Bram Hengeveld 6 Days Ago 14:14
Today our server provider will make some changes on our IP addresses. It might happen that you experience downtime on this forum. If you cannot reach it please use this facebook link as an alternative: ...
New Facebook page for...-facebook.png
Bram Hengeveld 6 Days Ago 13:14
We have removed the old group of RD, and replaced it with a RD Fan Page. If you wonder who are the people you race with in real life you can become a fan and get active with your social network. Click here to visit the new Facebook page and...
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