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You've reached Neutrois Outpost, the official Neutrois Transgender home on the web! Neutrois, Pangendered, Othergendered, FTMs, MTFs, Eunuchs, GenderPunks, and friends are all welcome here. C'mon... get happy, and don't forget to check out our resources!

Neutrois Outpost

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     Whether you're Neutrois, Othergendered, Pangendered, FTM, MTF, or just someone looking to understand, we'll endeavor to answer your questions and provide resources to aid you in your gender quest. Come on in and look around. If you've visited before and you're looking for something, click on the Contents button, above.

     F.Y.I. - Neutrois Outpost has undergone a few administrative changes. Due to trouble we've been experiencing with our email software, we are switching to web-based email. Our new email address is neutrois at hotmail dot com.

     We'd also like to take this opportunity to say that nobody died! Yaaay! *J/K* The updates dropped into Limbo because our webmaster fell ill and recovery took forever. Research and site experimentation has since resumed. 

Why We're Here

     While we built this site to provide information and signifier techniques for the Neutrois community, we also acted on another motive. Our purpose (beyond living free of irrational and inapplicable gender categories), is to establish for the gender community, surgical practitioners, and psychiatrists, that we EXIST. It is our wish that members of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association recognize the following:


  •      While some may find being non-gendered a temporary stopping point in their transition; the Neutrois identity does NOT come from fear of being transgendered. It also doesn't come from confusion with regard to male and female gender identities.


  •      Gender identity is not, and should not, be limited to stereotypical definitions of male or female.


  •      Forced conformity to standardized male or female gender behavior should never be used as a prerequisite for FTM, MTF, Neutrois, Bigendered, Pangendered, or Othergendered gender trait modification.


  •      Our bodies and gender identities belong to ourselves. The decision to pursue gender trait modification, as well as the degree of modification needed, is solely owned by the individual seeking treatment. If we do not identify as either male, or female, we should not be forced to accept the baggage that comes with full transition to either male, or female genders.


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Neutrois Outpost was resurrected on May 5, 2000, and last updated on 08/28/01.


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As of January 2006, the www.neutrois.com site is not being fully indexed by the Internet Archive, anymore.
Consequently, the administrator of Androgyne Online has created this site to house these important pages.

Yahoogroups! internet mailing lists

  • Neutrois Discussion group for Neutrois, and other gender community members. [the official neutrois mailing list]
  • neutroisoutpost Neutrois Outpost [an unofficial mailing list, to entreat the www.neutrois.com creators to resurface]
  • androgynes living beyond gender [a mailing list which, technically, is not relevant to this website]
  • What Is Gender? support forums

  • Agendered/Neutrois Discussions [two dozen topics are to be found here]
  • Online communities

  • Neutrois Community [started In April 2009]

    The first mailing list above, Neutrois, initiated March 20th, 2000, has 50 members, and is the original mailing list made presumably by and for people connected to the www.neutrois.com website between 2000 and 2002. The website itself was apparently created May 5, 2000, and last updated on August 28, 2001. There does not seem to any longer be a listowner for this list, so no new members can join, but there are posts made to the list occasionally, nonetheless. If anyone on that list or involved with the original website is reading this and would like to contact me, please click here. Ideally, I would like the original creators of the www.neutrois.com site to take over and expand this site, since they understand who and what neutrois are better than anyone.

    The second mailing list above, neutroisoutpost, initiated January 13, 2004, has 37 members as of this writing (1/24/06), and was originally intended to entice people from the list above to join the new list or else to contact the listowner of the original list to enable new subscribers to join that list. The second mailing list is now for people who want to discuss what they know or understand about neutrois.

    The third mailing list above, androgynes, initiated December 18, 2000, has 333 members as of this writing (1/24/06), and is ordinarily not concerned with neutrois issues, but sometimes is. This because of three reasons. First, because the two neutrois Yahoogroups mailing lists above get little to no postings at the time of this writing. Second, because -- given that there is currently no one online involved in the original neutrois website willing to come forward and set matters straight on issues of neutrois -- androgynes who identify as neutrois sometimes bring up the subject of neutrois. Third, because some androgynes do not think of themselves as having the gender identity of both a man and a woman but as having the gender identity of neither a man nor a woman -- which, to some people's thinking, is similar to if not the same as neutrois. In an ideal world, people from the original www.neutrois.com website would take over this website (neutrois.0catch.com) to clarify things of this nature once and for all.

    If anyone reading this has a copy of any of the original Home and Contents navigational menu buttons or the image headers that originally appeared at the top of these pages, please contribute them to this site.
    -- site administrator Stephe Feldman

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    This addendum first created 1/24/06. Copyright Stephe Feldman. Last update: 7/19/09.