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 JUL   August 2009   
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Nukees runs thrice a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) here, and in The Daily Californian.
Most recent news item:

(8/15/2009) Kudos to Rochester Airport and Frontier Internet Provider for providing a comfy place to sit and free internet access in the airport. Now that I've purchased a portable scanner, I was, for the first time, able to write, draw, scan, and upload a comic while waiting for a flight. The future is finally yesterday. I just wish more airports would be this nice.

(3/14/2009) Happy Pi Day! I'm happy that the world is becoming geekier every year and I see this salutation more and more. Oh, and I got re-uncled yesterday on the much-more-boring Friday the 13th. Congrats, bro and sis-in-law!

(1/23/2009) Wait, what day is it? I think I'm a couple days late, but happy twelveth birthday to Nukees. Soon my comic will start growing body hair, talking back to me, and noticing Girl Genius.

(1/2/2009) HA! So now I'm actually hoping that I made Wednesday's joke before! It turns out it's a Schlock Mercenary T-Shirt! So I either (a) repeated a joke from 10 years ago, or (b) subconsciously ripped off someone else's joke. I'd prefer (a). But if that's true, it means Howard ripped me off and I deserve royalties on his shirts. :)

(12/31/2008) Now that it's too late, I'm staring at today's comic and suddenly am struck with the uncomfortable notion that I may have already made this joke before. Twelve years old your webcomic gets, repeat yourself you will.

(7/13/2008) Keenspotless. So we haven't made a big deal about it, but about six months ago, I sold my share in Keenspot to the Crosbys. And as of July 2008, I am no longer providing technical support for them. That was a pretty painful decision for me--so painful, in fact, that it's not really possible for me to write a heart-rending sob story about my feelings in my news. So I won't. I'm happy to answer anyone's questions about it, but thus far no one has been terribly interested. The bronze age of people caring about webcomics drama seems to be over. It's probably for the best.

Today, I moved Nukees off the Keenspot servers. I intend on redesigning the site in the next few weeks (or, knowing me, months). In the interim, a bunch of stuff will probably break. In the short term, I've removed most of the ads. I noticed that now that I was no longer controlling the ads, Keenspot has been running a lot of annoying ads that overlay on top of the page content, which I have never allowed on my site. If the ads can't be unobtrusive, I'd rather not have them at all.

Speaking of that, I'm not sure what direction to take with the "business of Nukees" in the future. I don't really need the trickle of loose change that advertising brings, though income makes me feel slightly more "professional." Most of my "business decisions" regarding this comic were made to show support of the business I was trying to build with Keenspot. So who knows, maybe I'll have to revolutionize comics all over again somehow. Or maybe I'll just draw without worrying about it for once.

Thanks to all of you for still reading Nukees after 11 years. And a special über-thanks to any of you who have linked to Nukees or told your friends about me.

Oh, and I'm blonde now.

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