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MD5:   F95E2E04EDC030EB2CB9CF47290FCB07     [what is MD5]

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Option I. Basic installation package: Include Biblia Hebraica , Textus Receptus Greek NT (with Strongs and morphology), King James Version Bible (with Strongs), Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English lexicon (abridged), Internet Public Domain Greek Lexicon (with Strongs), Internet Public Domain Hebrew Lexicon (with Strongs), Hebrew - English dictionary .
Included audio book Ecclesiastes in Hebrew in MP3 format + index file for all already indexed MP3.
As demonstration of verse list features, Greatest Bible Passages file is included.
Free fonts for print of exported files are included - install it manually from \fonts directory
Included samples of pictures (in \picture directory) - charts, maps and illustrations. You can download all pictures separately (476 high quality pictures, over 100 MB!) or in groupsHelp files in English, Czech, Portuguese and Russian.

Important note:
Rest of MP3 files can be downloaded from http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt00.htm#mp3
(get "Book-by-Book MP3 Files"
- not zipped ones!). Files are named differently - fastest way to correct filenames and check file length is to place downloaded files to some directory, together with small utility (d3mp3fix.exe). It will create MP3 files, which can be added to existing folder \audio\bhs\

DAVAR3  system only - ZIP ARCHIVE   [~ 2.0 MB ]

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Option II. This is the basic system only for quick download - no modules presented, help file in English.
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2) Then unzip package (to e.g. C:\Davar3\) and keep same directory structure as in ZIP package.
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You must download and install all modules (books, lexicons, dictionaries) by yourself - place files into Davar3 \data\ directory. For audio and picure-browser preview features, download package above (Option I).



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Install this Arial update, when you have problems to display Greek, Russian, Czech or other books
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Multilingual Times font times32.exe
Install this Times update, when you have problems to display Greek, Russian, Czech or other books and wish to use Times font in Davar.

Common controls update
Davar needs comctl32.dll library version 4.70 or higher. If you have serious problem to run Davar, maybe yor version of this dll is too old. This update installs new version of comctl32.dll.

Not all Davar  modules are in the Public Domain. We take utmost diligence to honor Author's copyright, and for such a module we try  asking  permission and note it's terms of use. If you have any information that we overlooked, please let us know and we will act accordingly.

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Biblia Hebraica
Source text was obtained from
The Oxford Text Archive *. Quotation from README file:
Distribution :    Freely available for non-commercial use provided that this header is included in its entirety with any copy distributed.
Also, permission from of one of coauthors (Richard Whitaker) from Princeton Theological Seminary
was obtained.

* In present time, source text file is not available

Hebrew Bible, Jacob ben Chayim/C.D
This is a beta module from the TNK project at:  http://www.bibles.org.uk
According to the editor TBS or BFBS (Ginsburg's work) was used to compare, because it represents the ben Chayim massoretic text best and even more correctly. And, in the same way, the TNK will even better represent ben Chayim/Ginsburg with notes/variants and correct punctuation utilizing the best resources and tools we have available today.
* Please notice that do to software limitations, the Davar module will have no footnotes, nor all punctuation shown.
** This is a beta module here for all to download and help to proofread; as it was also compared to Aleppo, BHS, and Jewish Koren. ( Last Updated: 09/18/05 )

Masoretic OT and Delitzsch NT
Combination of OT Masoretic and NT Delitzsch texts into one file.
TaNaKh - the traditional Hebrew Old Testament Bible, that is: Torah (The Law), Neviim (The Prophets), Treisar (The Minor Prophets), Ketuvim (The Writings) and Megilot; based on the Masoretic texts. Text ( unaccented) compiled from http://www.ccel.org/a/anonymous/hebrewot/
Source compared and seems to be Steve Gross's text found at  http://www.shamash.org/tanach/
complete Hebrew New Testament Ha-Berit, without Hebrew punctuation. (
1624) from kirjasilta.net
Public Domain text.

Delitzsch NT (with Hebrew punctuation)
Delitzsch complete Hebrew New Testament Ha-Berit, with Hebrew punctuation.
Source: kirjasilta.net

Aleppo codex
The Tanak based on the Aleppo Codex and other ancient manuscripts with (variants). Big thanks to Ricardo Shahda.

Jewish Koren
Traditional Jewish Old Testament text. Text is identical in the Torah to the Masoretic text, and is only different in divers places for the rest of the Tanach. This text is here mostly for comparison, and as a whole is without punctuation.

Hebrew Modern Bible
unaccented; without hebrew punctuation

Hebrew New Testament
Vocalised Hebrew New Testament translated by Isaac Salkinson and Christian David Ginsburg 1887. Edited to correspond with the Greek Textus Receptus by Rev. Dr. Eric Gabe, 2000. Text exported from BibleWorks software and also verified with http://dvar-adonai.org. © Copyright by Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures. For generous usage permissions, please contact them at: SDHS, Joseph House, 1 Bury Mead Road, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 1RT. ENGLAND.

Tanach: Torah, Prophets, Holy Writings
Masoretic Text with Vowels.
The Tanach is copyright YHVH, Most High God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, c.1500 BCE. The electronic version is public domain. source:  karaite-korner.org

Pirkei Avot
Public Domain text

Unaccented Biblia Hebraica - Hebrew with Strong's numbers for Bible+ by Rev. Graham.
(this module is experimental due to it's encoding)

Biblia Hebraica Unaccented and in standard verse form (for easy compare.) According to early manuscript fragments the canonical text of the Hebrew Bible was originally written without vowel pointings or accentuation.

Westminster Leningrad Codex
Public Domain text

Tanach Morphology

This OT Hebrew text has sof-pasuq ':' marks in each morphological part of the words - click on this will provide more accurate synchronization with lexicons and dictionaries. Recomended for beginners in Hebrew.
Public Domain text

1905 Syriac Peshitta New Testament

Transliterated BibliaHebraica (EN)
Public Domain transliterated text of BibliaHebraica (EN). Text provided by: Maki

Transliterovaný text Biblia Hebraica (CZ)
Public Domain text BHS, přepsaný do české fonetiky. Text poskytl: Maki.

Home »Books »Greek Books

The Textus Receptus Greek New Testament with complete parsing information for all Greek words. Base text is Stephens 1550, with variants of Scrivener 1894 shown as footnotes (marked as the second element within brackets, in which the first bracketed word would be the reading of Stephens 1550, and the second would be the reading of Scrivener 1894).

Elzevir Greek Textus Receptus New Testament, 1624


Text was obtained from homepage of James Tauber ( http://www.jtauber.com/morphgnt/ ). Author says:
>>This file is derived from the morphologically parsed GNT provided by UPenn's CCAT (http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/). I have reformatted it for easier text processing, converted it to UTF-8 and corrected many errors I have found over the last ten years. This file is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/ ). For attribution purposes, please credit CCAT as well.<<

Stephanus Greek with English [GENT+] 
Info: Textus Receptus Greek New Testament from Stephanus 1550. Greek words - English Translation - Original Punctuation in Stephanus 1550 - The English translation taken from de KJV to the corresponding verse and word Strongs numbers. Codes taken from Textus Receptus Greek New Testament Scrivener 1894. By Henry Padilla Londoño.

The Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament with complete parsing information for all Greek words. Readings of Nestle27/UBS4 shown as footnotes (marked as the second element within [] symbols, e. g. EN, EIV, in which EN would be the reading of Westcott-Hort, while EIV would be the reading of Nestle27/UBS4). Empty verses in this manuscript are displayed as [----]

PUBLIC DOMAIN GREEK NEW TESTAMENT With variants identified and tagged for reference to source of transmission and schools of emphasis. (s) - Textus Receptus - Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus, (t) - Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus, (b) - Byzantine Majority - as identified by Von Soden and Hoskier, and utilized by Hodges & Farstad, Robinson & Pierpont. [these editions agree on 99.75 percent of the Byzantine texts, and greater than 98 percent with the TR.], (a) - Alexandrian - as identified by United Bible Society, 3rd ed., and utilized by modern translations such as the NIV and NASB. PUBLIC DOMAIN DECLARATION Jesus commanded in John 2:16, "Do not make my Father's house a house of merchandise" (Greek: "m^ poieite ton oikon tou patros mou oikon emporiou"). This Greek New Testament, with variant words identified and tagged, is Public Domain and may be used freely and for any purpose.

The Greek New Testament according to the Byzantine Text form. 2000 Revision.Edited by Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont.This text was originally released into the public domain as Freeware, 1985 - 2000. The updated and corrected version remains basically identical to that original text, and may be utilized by anyone for any purpose without further restriction or permission.All of the following Greek New Testament files have been keyed in, prepared, and proofed by Maurice A. Robinson, Ph. D., during the period 1984-2000, and have been released into the public domain. Anyone is free to use these files for any purpose, although source attribution to the preparer is requested for the purpose of fixing responsibility for the text as it appears and for any errors which may still exist. All Greek texts are unaccented and unaspirated, and also lack punctuation and capitalization.

Tischendorf's 8th edition Greek New Testament with morphological tags and Strongs. Version 1.3. Based on G. Clint Yale's Tischendorf text and on Dr. Maurice A. Robinson's Public Domain Westcott-Hort text. Edited by Ulrik Petersen.

Modern greek Bible
Unaccented Modern Greek Text.

With Acknowledgements to Online Bible with which this public domain version is supplied.   The description given in OLB is as follows:   Interlinear Greek New Testament  Prepared from 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus. I always wanted a very literal translation to study from that was closely tied to the Greek and Strong's numbers. This summer I had the text prepared for this project, and now you have the results. Enjoy. The footnotes contain the word-for-word english text.  Prepared by Larry Pierce & Maurice A. Robinson, Ph.D. Copyright (c) 1997, Winterbourne, Ont.  Please make copies for your friends.

The Analytic Septuagint was derived from The LXXM (see below) sychronized to the KJV with the Greek root words translated into Greek Strongs numbers whenever possible and morphology is included for each word as footnotes. Verses where the LXX verse numbering differs from the KJV and other English versions are prefixed with the LXX (chapter:verse) reference at the beginning of the verse.

Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, contains I.) Didache Text in Greek [with variants]; and Translation by Charles H. Hoole, translation by J.B. Lightfoot and J.R. Harmer (1891), and another translation book by Cyril C. Richardson (1953) 

»Home »Books »English Books

King James Version of the Holy Bible
King James Version of the Holy Bible 1611/1768.
Public Domain text.
Include Strongs references and colored Jesus words

Tyndale (Rogers, Coverdale) Bible
The first published English translation of the Scriptures from the original tongue; being: The New Testament translated by William Tyndale (octavo 1526 edition) with exception of Matthew till 22:12 that is instead from the 1525 Cologne quarto fragment; Variants are based on Mathew's Bible (1537) that uses W.T. 1535 N.T. edition; and from the Coverdale Bible (1535) that uses W.T. 1534 N.T. edition; And also 1John divers variants are from W.T. 1531 exposition. The Old Testament includes The Pentateuch and JONAS translated by W.T. 1530; and rest of O.T. from Matthew's Bible (an edition by martyr John Rogers that compiled Tyndale's translation work after his martyrdom, that likely compiled his Joshua thorow 2Chronicles and the remaining books from the Coverdale 1535 BIBLE.) (Also includes Divers extra text renderings from martyr Thomas Cranmer Authorised Great Bible 1539 edition of Mathew's Bible within regular Italics) The (MT: variants) are from Matthew's Bible, or later Tyndale editions, that can be read as alternative verse renditions or other original spelling of the preceding word; while (MT: Italicized variant) means that it can be read along with the text; same with (MC: variants or italicized var.) that are from the Miles Coverdale bible. And (MV: variant) are miscellaneous variants. The rare text as a whole was originally in Chapter - Paragraph form and now is here divided into standard verse form; and brought into modern go-spelling with color lettering to indicate the word of Christ the Lord.

May be quoted and used freely in all non-lucre distribution endeavors provided the content is not altered. If you find any transcription error please contact : valente@faithofgod.net, http://faithofgod.net/

American Standard Version Bible
American Standard Version Bible. Public Domain text.

Jewish Publication Society OT
Copyright (c) 1995-98, California, Larry Nelson. Noncommercial duplication of the JPS text by users is permitted. Any commercial use of the JPS text requires a license. http://www.shamash.org/

Revised Webster
Revised Webster Bible 1833. Noah Webster was America's first grammarian and founding father of American education, who had mastered 20 languages including Hebrew and Greek. He published the King James Authorized Version with amendments to the language in 1828 that later was furthermore revised to better render the current English usage. Also includes strong's numbers and the original KJV editors notes. Scripture quoted by permission.

Tyndale New Testament 1525 - 1526
First translated in English from the original tongues by William Tyndale 1525-26 brought online into current go-spelling. The text of Matthew is from the Cologne quarto (1525) fragment; till Chapter 22. The rest of the New Testament is from the Worms octavo edition of 1526.
If you find any transcription error please report it to


Prefaces and prologues to William Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch, JONAS, and the New Testament.

Darby Bible

A literal translation of the Old Testament (1890) and the New Testament (1884) By John Nelson Darby (1800-82). Public Domain - Copy Freely

Young's Literal Translation
Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by Robert Young, 1862, 1898

World English Bible
This public domain text copy of the World English Bible is a draft version.
(Translation is based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa OT, and the Greek Majority Text NT.) Typo reports and suggestions may be emailed to:  editors@eBible.org Updates are available at http://eBible.org

Jubilee Bible
From the Scriptures of the Reformation. English Translation made from Spanish into English compared with the English Translation of William Tyndale (Pentateuch 1530, Ploughboy NT 1534, Joshua to 2 Chronicles 1537, and Jonah), and compared word for word with the Authorized Version (KJV) 1611. The spanish sources were the Casiodoro de Reina (1569), compared with the revision of Cipriano de Valera (1602). This sources were based on the NT of Francisco de Enzinas (1543) and on the NT (1556) with the Psalms (1557) of Juan Perez de Pineda. This Bible may be used freely provided that the contents are not altered. Please make copies for your friends.

Geneva NT
Text is a compilation of the Geneva 1560 and 1599 N.T. with differences as variants, divers original and modernized spelling, and updated italics (usually used by the translators to complete a phrase or thought).

Wycliffe NT
New Testament translated by John Wycliffe and John Purvey, 1388 A modern-spelling edition of their 14th century Middle English translation, the first complete English vernacular version, (translated from the Latin Vulgate) with variant differences from the 1382 Early Version, and with an Introduction by TERENCE P. NOBLE (Editor and Publisher) endnote - conclusion - glossary (see http://faithofgod.net/compare/intro.htm )

Douay Rheims
1899 Version

Douay Rheims APOCRYPHA

American 1899 Version

The 1769 APOCRYPHA by Oxford Press

MHC commentary
Complete and unabridged Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (1706-1721). Matthew Henry studied law at Gray's Inn and was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1687. He served churches in Chester and in Hackney, near London. He began writing his famous commentary in 1701. Matthew Henry's warm mix of scholarship and practical application has made his commentary a favorite of preachers and devotional readers alike for two hundred years.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible

JFB commentary
Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (1871)

TSK (references)
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: five-hundred thousand scripture references and parallel passages by Canne, Browne, Blayney, Scott, and others about 1880

Pirkei Avot English translation
With Permission of  http://www.sichosinenglish.org/

Richard Laurence, The Book of Enoch the Prophet. London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 1883.

Book of Jasher

Mishna English Translation
The Oral Torah (Rabbinic Laws, Traditions) in practice in Jesus' Day and finally collected and put into print after the destruction of Jerusalem.
What is the Mishna?  Answer: The Hebrew verb 'shanah' literally means 'to repeat [what one was taught] and is used to mean 'to learn'. The term 'Mishna' basically means the entire body of Jewish religious law that was passed down and developed before 200 CE, when it was finally redacted by Rabbi Yehudah haNasi (Judah the Prince).

Pseudo Book of Jubilee

From "The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament".

Koran English Translation
Koran English Translation

American King James Version

Public domain text. This is a translation of the Bible based on the original King James Version. It is a simple word for word update from the King James English. I have taken care to change nothing doctrinally, but to simply update the spelling and vocabulary. I have not changed the grammar because that could alter the doctrine. http://www.inspiredidea.com/home/

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Český ekumenický překlad 2001 s odkazy a poznámkami

S laskavým svolením České Biblické Společnosti, Thákurova 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Tel: (02)201 81 412

Digitalizovaný text byl získán z ETF UK a použit se svolením Doc.ThDr. Martina Prudkého  
První společný, mezicírkevní biblický překlad v českých dějinách. Je plodem dlouholeté ekumenické spolupráce překladatelů (1961-1979). Starozákonní překladatelskou skupinu vedl prof. Miloš Bič, Novozákonní skupinu překladatelů prof. J. B. Souček (po jeho smrti, od r. Jindřich Mánek z Husovy bohoslovecké fakulty a od r. 1977 Petr Pokorný z Evangelické teologické fakulty). Tyto skupiny, od počátku koncipované jako ekumenické, zahrnovaly zprvu vedle evangelických biblistů (Českobratrská církev evangelická, Církev bratrská, Evangelická církev metodistická) i biblisty z Církve československé husitské a z Církve pravoslavné. Brzy se s pověřením svých biskupů připojili i biblisté z Církve římskokatolické.

Český ekumenický překlad Bible
S laskavým svolením České Biblické Společnosti, Thákurova 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Tel: (02)201 81 412

Kralická Bible (1613)
 Podle posledního vydání z roku 1613.
Tento text je Public Domain

Bible: Překlad 21. století
přináší nadčasové poselství Bible v současné, čtivé češtině. Usiluje o maximální věrnost původním hebrejským, aramejským a řeckým textům, zároveň však chce oslovit dnešní čtenáře, ať už jsou zvyklí čerpat z této knihy inspiraci pro každý den, anebo ji otevírají poprvé. S laskavým svolením překladatelů.

Nová Bible Kralická (NZ+Pentateuch)
Verze textu z léta 2002, doplněná o překlad Pentateuchu. S laskavým svolením překladatelů. Tento překlad postupem času dospěl do "Bible: Překlad 21. století" - viz výše.

Nová Bible Kralická 2006 (NZ+část SZ)
Verze textu z jara 2006, doplněná o překlad Pentateuchu a některých dalších části SZ. S laskavým svolením překladatelů. Tento překlad postupem času dospěl do "Bible: Překlad 21. století" - viz výše.

Jeruzalémská Bible
Pracovní verze, s laskavým svolením Krystal OP s.r.o

Biblia Hebraica se Strong čísly a Českým ekumenickým překladem

Experimentální  verze - kombinace Hebrejského a Českého textu + Strongs#. Copyright jako u Českého ekumenického překladu. Tento text je zamýšlen pro studijní účely - směr toku hebrejského textu je v kombinaci s ostatními texty zleva-doprava.

Český studijní překlad - Nová Smlouva KMS (NZ), 2. revidované vydání 2000
Český studijní překlad "Nová smlouva", druhé revidované vydání přeložili Pavel Jartym a Antonín Zelina.
Na rozdíl od verze, uveřejněné pro Davar 2 jsou poznámky vloženy přímo do textu (je možné je skrýt) a text je částečně doplněn o reference. Kompletní reference budou funkční po dokončení Staré Smlouvy.
Použito s laskavým svolením Křesťanské misijní společnosti (c) 1994. Text Nové smlouvy není povoleno používat pro jakékoli komerční učely. Tištěnou podobu lze objednat na adrese Nakladatelství KMS,s.r.o., Andrštova 7, 180 00 Praha 8 nebo  knihy@kmspraha.cz, Nový překlad Bible - Staré a Nové smlouvy

Pentateuch - český rabínský překlad
Pět knih Mojžíšových s renomovaným překladem rabínů Dr.Gustava Sichera a Dr.Isidora Hirsche. Praha 1932. Vydal svaz Pražských náboženských obcí židovských péčí Nejvyšší rady Svazů náboženských obcí židovských v čechách, na Moravě a ve Slezsku. Tiskl L. Ballenbergr, Praha. Text získán ze stránky www.olam.cz a porovnán s OCR verzí knižní předlohy. Poděkování patří panu Martinu Volnému a jeho manželce za korektury textu.

Překlad nového světa Svatých písem
Překlad nového světa Svatých písem. Přeloženo z revidovaného anglického vydání z roku 1984.
Elektronická verze textu byla získána z programu ElBi. Stejný text je použit i v programu "Prohlížeč Bible" verze 2.5 který vytvořil pan Zbyšek Hlinka a který je zdarma dostupný  na adrese: http://www.zh.cz/bible/

Překlad nového světa Svatých písem s odkazy

Překlad nového světa Svatých písem s odkazy. Přeloženo z revidovaného anglického vydání z roku 1984.

Elektronická verze textu byla získána z programu ElBi. Stejný text je použit i v programu "Prohlížeč Bible" verze 2.5 který vytvořil pan Zbyšek Hlinka a který je zdarma dostupný  na adrese: http://www.zh.cz/bible/

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Reina Valera 1909
Reina Valera 1909. Public Domain, according to information obtained from  http://www.crosswire.org

Valera NT 1858
source from http://www.valera1909.com

Sagradas Escrituras Version Anotada
This translation is the bibledatabase sev with differences as notes variants from sev96 and sev99.
Spanish Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua (1569), (1996-99) Russel Stendal
Traducida de los Textos Originales en Hebreo y Griego al Espańol por Casiodoro de Reina (1569)
Apoyada en el Nuevo Testamento de Francisco de Enzinas (1543) y en el Nuevo Testamento con Salmos y Proverbios
de Juan Perez de Pineda (1556) Y cotejada posteriormente con la revision de Cipriano de Valera (1602)
Y cotejada posteriormente con la traducion antigua de William Tyndale al Ingles (Nueveo Testamento 1534) y con la Version Autorizada (King James) de 1611.
This Bible may be used freely provided that the contents are not altered.

Sagradas Escrituras Version 96

Sagradas Escrituras Version 99

Pirke Avot: Spanish Translation
Pirke Avot: Spanish Translation

Home »Books »Portuguese Books

Portuguese Almeida Revista, Corrigida e Anotoda
ARCA - Texto de Almeida baseado nas suas revisões de Revista e Corrigida. Cotejada posteriormente no Novo Testamento com a versão de William Tyndale e verificada com a Almeida 1681, 1712, 1814, 1819, e com variantes de diferencas e notas da tradução do grego. E no Antigo Testamento utilizando a Almeida Revista e Corrigida de 1969 com algumas notas da tradução segundo o hebreu, e com o nome do SENHOR indicado quando referindo ao Tetragrama.

Novo Testamento versao Almeida 1819
Novo Testamento versao Almeida 1819. This NT may be used freely provided that the contents are not altered.

Pirke Avot: Portuguese Translation
translated from Spanish Pirke Avot

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Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia 1649
1649 Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia

Diodati New testament
Matthew, Mark and Luke from 1649; rest from 1607 Diodati translation.
source: http://utenti.lycos.it/sentieri_antichi/

Finnish Bible
Pyhä Raamattu 1776
Finnish Bible published in 1776. In public domain. Biblia, Se on: Koko Pyhä Raamattu, Suomeksi.
Vuoden 1776 kirkkoraamattu. SWORD version by Tero Favorin (tero at favorin dot com)

Finnish Bible
Pyhä Raamattu 1933
Finnish Bible Pyhä Raamattu 1933/1938 authorized by Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland in 1933 (OT) and 1938 (NT).
Public domain text, according informations obtained from
German 1545+ Luther Bibelübersetzung
1545 Luther Bibelübersetzung. License: Public Domain -- copy freely
Made available in electronic format by Michael Bolsinger at  http://www.luther-bibel-1545.de
Luther1545 with strongs source from:  http://www.winbibel.de/de/lutherstrong/lu1545adds.htm

German 1545 Lutherbibel
1545 Luther Bibel. Text without Strongs.
Copyright (c) für die Texterfassung: Michael Bolsinger:  http://www.luther-bibel-1545.de

German Luther 1522 NT
Luther 1522 New Testament
source:  http://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Biblia

Luther NT 1546
Luther original New Testament translation of 1546

French David Martin 1744
This text is free of copy right. One can re-use them and diffuse them without special permit, while taking care of their exemption from payment, to be worthy of the free gift which one finds in Jesus-Christ! Glory be to the Lamb of God who made the health of his children! Website

Dutch Statenvertaling Bible
Public Domain.

Albanian Bible
Public Domain

Norwagian Bible 1906 / 1930
Public Domain

Serbian Danicic Karadžic - Latin version: Vuk Karadžic translated New Testament in 1847, and Ðuro Danicic finished his translation of the Old Testament in 1865.

Romanian Cornilescu

Romanian NT 1857

Hungarian Karoli
Public Domain

Polish Biblia Brzeska NT
1563 version.

Polish Biblia Gdanska
1632 version.

Arabic Bible
Translated by Smith & Van Dyke, 1865 (this module is experimental due to it's encoding)

Russian Synodal Translation
From  http://www.crosswire.org information: 1876 Russian Synodal Translation. The electronic edition comes from Sergej A. Fedosov's Slavic Bible for Windows ( http://come.to/sbible )

Latin Vulgate, Jerome's 405 A.D.
Public Domain, according to information obtained from

Vulgate Apocrypha

Transliteration +strongs
Transliterated Bible Roots with Strong's
This Transliterated Bible Module approximates the english pronounciation of the original text. The sources used were the Heb. OT Masoretic and the Gr. NT Majority; source: skyecm.com

Gothic Bible
The Gothic Bible. Based on the edition of Wilhelm Streitberg (1919). Online edition provided by Project Wulfila ( http://www.wulfila.be ), University of Antwerp (Belgium). Text scanned and edited by Robert Tannert, David Landau & Tom De Herdt (1997, 1998). This electronic edition may be used for academic or other non-commercial purposes. It is expected that, in accord with normal scholarly etiquette, use of the material will be acknowledged appropriately, i.e. stating the information above. Contact: Tom De Herdt < tom.deherdt@skynet.be >

Swedish Bible 1917
Swedish Bible 1917 - Public domain text.

Thai KJV
Thai Translation of King James Version Bible 1611/1768. © 2003 Philip Pope. Probably you will need to use Tahoma font (in XP) or other with Thai charset.

Bibbia di Gerusalemme Italiana Bibbia CEI, ossia si intende la traduzione italiana cattolica ufficiale della Bibbia ad opera della CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana).Copyright CEI - Use only for study. Used with permission. Prepared by Buccio.

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Hebrew-English dictionary (4340 words)
Bidirectional Hebrew-English dictionary. Words come from different sources, most of them were converted from
FundationStone program

English-Hebrew modern dictionary More than 154 000 words in this English-Hebrew modern dictionary.

Hebrew-Czech Biblical Dictionary - Improved Search (25885 words)
Obousměrný Hebrejsko-Český slovník Starého Zákona je práce Jiřího Vytlačila ( WWW ). Soubory mají vylepšené řazení a pro vyhledání českých slov není třeba mít zapnutou českou klávesnici. Soubor slovní zásoby byl konvertován i pro mDAVAR

Hebrew-Czech Ivrit Dictionary (2230 words)
Obousměrný Hebrejsko-Český slovník moderní Hebrejštiny (Ivritu)
je práce Jiřího Vytlačila ( WWW ).

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary (1064 words)
This dictionary contains all the words used in the Bible, which occur 25 times or more. For example the word and !wXar (used 182 times) is derived from the root Xar (used 615 times), both being included in the list. The word tyXar (used 1 time) is also derived from the same root, but is used less than 25 times in the Bible and is not included in the dictionary. The Hebrew words in this dictionary do not contain any of the prefixes or suffixes as found in the Hebrew text. By removing the prefixes and suffixes of the Hebrew words in the text, the word can be found. For example the word "~ymXh", includes the prefix "h" meaning "the". When this is removed we have "~ymX" meaning "heavens". As another example, the word "wrmayw", meaning "and they said", has two prefixes (w and y), and one suffix (w). When these are removed we have "rma" meaning, "to say"

Diccionario Espańol (11997 words)
Bidirectional Hebrew-Spanish dictionary

Dicionário Portuguęs (12000 words)
Bidirectional Hebrew-Portuguese dictionary

Strong's Gr-En
Greek to English Transliteration from Strongs.

Biblical names

Significados de nomes bíblicos
Significados de vários nomes bíblicos. Origem: H = Hebraico, G = Grego, L = Latim

English-Czech dictionary
English-Czech free dictionary, more than 144 000 words. Copyright: GNU Free Documentation License. For more informations, look please to: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html Contact: Author: Milan Svoboda, http://slovnik.zcu.cz/

Portuguese Significados de nomes
Significados de vários nomes.

WordGumbo dictionaries
Latin-English-Latin English-Latin-English English-Czech-English
English-Spanish-English English-Italian-English
Portuguese-English-Portuguese English-Portuguese-English Finnish-English-Finnish
French-English-French English-French-English Hungarian-English-Hungarian
German-English-German English-German-English Polish-English-Polish
Dutch-English-Dutch English-Dutch-English

Hebrew-Czech lexicon
Work of the Jiri Vytlačil, not finished yet. For new updates, check please his homepage.

Biblický slovník Adolfa Novotného
Vydalo nakladatelství Kalich, 1956, 1992. Tato elektronická verze Biblického slovníku byla vytvořena skenováním knižní předlohy, a poté pomocí OCR převedena do stávající podoby. Následné korektury jsou společným dílem téměř 40 dobrovolníků, kteří s velkou pečlivostí text přečetli a opravili.
Tento modul programu Davar umožňuje synchronizaci s PDF souborem. Pokud do adresáře s EXE souborem programu umístíte rovněž soubor "slovnik_novotny.pdf", můžete ve slovníku dvojklikem na link v záhlaví (označeno jako "PDF:") zobrazit PDF verzi slovníku, která se otevře na příslušné stránce s heslem. Předpokládá se, že je v počítači nainstalován program Adobe Acrobat Reader verze 7 nebo novější.
Copyright: Zveřejněno k volnému šíření pro studijní účely s laskavým svolením nakladatelství Kalich a dědiců autorských práv po prof. Adolfu Novotném. Dáno k veřejnému užití za dodržení podmínek, běžných v akademickém světě, to jest, při použití původního textu dodržet citační normy s odkazem na zdroj. Bez tohoto uvedení a uvození citace závorkami lze mít za to, že byl porušen autorský zákon a především slušné vychování.
Poznámka: Pokud budete tento modul (tedy nikoliv originální PDF nebo DOC verzi slovníku) zpracovávat do jiného formátu (např. pro jiný program, databázi a nebo zveřejnění na webu), pište prosím nejdříve na adresu freedavar@centrum.cz. Komerční využití modulu slovníku není dovoleno.
Biblickému slovníku je věnována samostatná stránka.

same as Hebrew-Portuguese Dictionary but in Lexicon format

same as Hebrew-Spanish Dictionary but in Lexicon format

Strongs Greek
DICTIONARIES OF GREEK taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D. 1890 Public Domain

Strongs Hebrew
DICTIONARIES OF HEBREW taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D. 1890 Public Domain

Strongs ipd Greek
Internet Public Domain Greek Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament". Also include Hebrew equivalents of Greek keywords

Strongs ipd Hebrew
Internet Public Domain Hebrew Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word book of the Old Testament". Also include Greek equivalents of Hebrew keywords

Rwebster's NT Greek dictionary
Headers from Strongs Greek Lexicon (STR_Gr) and data from zefania xml Strong R.WEBSTER Bible dictionary

Rwebster's OT Hebrew dictionary
Headers from Strongs Hebrew Lexicon (STR_HE) and data from zefania xml Strong R.WEBSTER Bible dictionary

Hebrew Morpholy

Lexicographic work done at http://mila.cs.technion.ac.il/ using a web-based lexicon editor GUI http://mila.cs.technion.ac.il/lexicon/cgi/index.pl
Copyright (C) 2004 Shlomo Yona

Thompson's Chain Topics
Topical references are from R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook  (copyright expired.)

Torrey Topical References
published by Sword of the Lord Publishers, P.O. Box 1099, Murfreesboro, TN, 37133. No copyright notice appears on the book, and it is a reprint of the original edition which is out of copyright.

Nave's Topics
Nave's Topics were originaly produced by Orville J. Nave, A.M., D.D., LL.D. while serving as a Chaplin in the United States Army. He referred to this work as "the result of fourteen years of delightful and untiring study of the Word of God." Nave's topics were originally published in the early 1900's, and a photo-offset reproduction is currently published by Hendrickson, ISBN 0-917006-02-X. The title page states that this work consists of 20,000+ topics and subtopics, and 100,000 references to the Scriptures.

Vine's Dictionary of NT Words
These Dictionary topics are from W.E. Vine's M.A.
Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words published in 1940 and without copyright.

Easton 1897 Bible Dictionary
These Dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Due to the nature of etext, the illustrated portion of the Dictionary have not been included.

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith. (1884)

American Tract Society Bible dictionary
A dictionary of the Holy Bible, for general use in the study of the scriptures ; with engravings, maps, and tables. New York, American Tract society [c1859] Rand, W. W. (William Wilberforce), 1816-1909, ed.

Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia Designed for those who have but little time for study.

Scripture Alphabet Of Animals
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1842, by R.S. Cook, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New

Hitchcock's Bible Names
HITCHCOCK'S BIBLE NAMES DICTIONARY This dictionary is from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible," published in the late 1800s. It contains well over 2,500 Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings which you can search using a word processor. Some Hebrew words of uncertain meaning have been left out. It is out of copyright, so feel free to copy and distribute it. I pray it will help in your study of God's Word.-- BRH

Hitchcock nombres en la Biblia
Hitchcock's Nuevo y completo Análisis de La Santa Biblia publicado a finales de 1800. Contiende más de 2,500 nombres propios y sus usos (manejos). Facilitado por Ministerios Nación Santa.

Hitchcock Nomes na Bíblia
Translated from spanish Hitchcock nombres en la Biblia

King James Dictionary
The King James Bible has stood it's ground for nearly 400 years. However, during that time the English language has changed. With it has changed the meaning of some words used in the KJV. Here are over 800 words whose definitions have changed since 1611.

French David Martin Bible Glossary
Glossaire  pour lire la Bible David Martin 1744 (environ 970 définitions) Toute diffusion autoris&eacute;e, avec la mention du site www.biblemartin.com

Latin to English Dictionary
The dictionary v1.97Ec contains over 36000 entries and, through additional word construction with hundreds of prefixes and suffixes, may generate more, leading to many hundreds of thousands of 'words' that can be formed by declension and conjugation. Present emphisis is on classical Latin and late Latin, but medieval Latin entries are increasing. WORDS provides a tool to help in translations for the Latin student and a memory jog for researchers. This version has been considerably enhanced in neo/modern Latin, by including, with his kind permission, the Melissa Calepinus Novus dictionary of Guy Licoppe.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary
Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of American English (public domain.) It is reported that this Dictionary contains the greatest number of Biblical definitions given in any reference volume.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913
An electronic field-marked version of: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary Version published 1913 by the C. & G. Merriam Co., Springfield, Mass., Under the direction of Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D. This electronic version was prepared by MICRA, Inc. of Plainfield, NJ. Last edit February 11, 1999. MICRA, Inc. makes no proprietary claims on this version of the 1913 Webster dictionary. If the original printed edition of the 1913 Webster is in the public domain, this version may also be considered as public domain. This version is only a first typing, and has numerous typographic errors, including errors in the field-marks. Assistance in bringing this dictionary to a more accurate and useful state will be greatly appreciated. This electronic dictionary is made available as a potential starting point for development of a modern on-line comprehensive encyclopedic dictionary, by the efforts of all individuals willing to help build a large and freely available knowledge base.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (plain edition)
Dictionary is derived from "The Online Plain Text English Dictionary" OPTED, a public domain English word list dictionary, based on the public domain portion of "The Project Gutenberg Etext of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary" which is in turn based on the 1913 US Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. If the material is to be included in commercial products, Project Gutenburg ( http://promo.net/pg/ ) should be contacted first.

WordGumbo Lexicons
English-Italian Spanish-English
Portuguese-English English-Portuguese Finnish-English
French-English English-French Albanian-English
German-English English-German
Dutch-English English-Dutch

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Complete picture pack - ALL IN ONE
This zip package contains 476 pictures:  lineage charts, maps, complete (174 pages) Access Foundation Bible Land atlas, 243 Bible illustrations by Gustave Doré and much more. This zipped file contains also copyright.nfo file. All files from package should be unzipped to \picture folder of your Davar3 directory. If you will be asked, overwrite existing files.
WARNING: size of package is 124 megabytes!!

Picture pack 1 - Access Foundation Bible Land atlas
This zip package contains complete (174 pages) Access Foundation Bible Land atlas. Size: 40 MB
Note: unzip to \picture folder of your Davar3 directory. If you will be asked, overwrite existing files.

Picture pack 2 - Gustave Doré Bible illustrations
This zip package contains 243 illustrations in high quality. Size: 72 MB
Note: unzip to \picture folder of your Davar3 directory. If you will be asked, overwrite existing files.

Picture pack 3 - Rest of pictures
This zip package contains 60 various lineage charts, maps and illustrations. Size: 13 MB
Note: unzip to \picture folder of your Davar3 directory. If you will be asked, overwrite existing files.

Picture pack 4 - Bible places photos

This zip package contains 50 selected photos from www.bibleplaces.com. Thanks to Todd Bolen for permission to use in Davar3.

Size: 10.1 MB. Note: unzip to \picture folder of your Davar3 directory. If you will be asked, overwrite existing files. Pictures from this archive are not included in "ALL IN ONE" package.

Překlad z angličtiny provedl Mgr. Jiří Gračka.

Biblia Hebraica - complete index file
This is complete  index of Biblia Hebraica MP3 files. This version will be available from Davar3 beta2.