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Attitude over Academics Will Help Land That Internship (Image credit: Corbis)
You have decided to apply to some internships. But your GPA is less than stellar and your college didn't come close to cracking the top colleges list. Read more.
Article provided by The Princeton Review.
Job Hunt Checklist
Résumé: Your résumé is usually the first representation of yourself an employer sees. Read what experts have to say about crafting an outstanding curriculum vitae!
Cover letter: In some situations, cover letters may be crucial to wooing an employer into an interview. Get started on yours with some pointers from The Princeton Review.
Interview: Just the thought of an interview making you sweat? Careful preparation is all you can do. Discover how you can pull through with confidence!
Personal appearance: Projecting a professional image and flawless hygiene may seem like small details on the job, but nonchalance in this department may cost you. Find out why.
Communication: Learning appropriate interoffice etiquette is an adjustment. Find out how even your tone factors into your professional demeanor and why calling your boss "dude" just won't do.
Character: Complaining about coworkers is tempting, but may make you look worse than them. See why niceness and humility may be key to your career!

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