Half Life 2: Survivor screenshots

By Spencer . July 18, 2006 . 12:10pm

We have thirty screenshots of Half Life 2: Survivor, the arcade game made by Taito. Instead of playing on a PC players sit in a chair with a LCD HDTV monitor, two joysticks and foot pedals to play the game.


Hl2s01 Hl2s02 Hl2s03 Hl2s04 Hl2s05 Hl2s06 Hl2s07 Hl2s08 Hl2s09 Hl2s10 Hl2s11 Hl2s12 Hl2s13 Hl2s14 Hl2s15 Hl2s16 Hl2s17 Hl2s18 Hl2s19 Hl2s20 Hl2s21 Hl2s22 Hl2s23 Hl2s24 Hl2s25 Hl2s26 Hl2s27 Hl2s28 Hl2s29 Hl2s30

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  • Jedibound
    wow thats freakin awsome
  • choke.
    those "help" targets and green markers are dumb.
  • choke.
    THANK GOD theres a huge sign saying "zombie house" to let me know what the house with zombies coming out of it actually is.
  • LikeIwouldgiveaname
    Oh my. Do we REALY need Half Life to be anymore straight forward?
    and the added graphics looks like someone just went ape with a spray can. sry but you would have to pay me to even play this.
  • Derek
    LOL. Come on guys there's a reason they're called ARCADE GAMES. They're not supposed to be realistic as the original because they want the learning curve to be as low as possible!
  • mrBallistic
    i'm thinking that this is really just a port of 'snipes', where you have to go from zombie house to zombie house to stop the flood of zombies from killing you. these graphics are certainly better than that old ascii stuff on the 8088 :)
  • Xavier
    I agree with Derek. You obviously haven't played enough arcade games... the point is to get through it as fast as possible (from the game maker's perspective) so they can make more money. See the timer at the top? Even though we're amazing at video games, there's people who just flat out suck and need shit like that. I'm sure you can turn it off anyway.
  • suNit
    Why don't they just make Counter-Strike 1.6, if they don't ill just stick with packman
  • Distortion
    In response to suNit. They did make couster-strike 1.6 for the arcades in Japan. But they added Neo at the end of counter-strike. I also believe it was made by Namco. The website is www.csneo.com
  • b1tch
    humm SILICONERA omg... do you mean all women will use silicon from now on?
    >_> aw im a big fan of naturals ;(
  • b1tch
    anyway what have they done to HL2? it looks so ghey and too japanish
  • Pat
    Whatever, this game obviously brings fun to a game that needed it. if i have to use that dumb gravity gun again im gonna loose it. halflife 1 was perfect
  • OhShaith
    Well I donno about the grav gun altho it kinda turned into more of a hassle than a solid game element. They did a good job implementing havok into the game but havok just isnt very good with rigid physics. too much dampening.
  • Alex
    They just took out all the grim elements shown in the HL2 and added glowing happy neon lights, and that grim element is what makes HL2 HL2.
  • Alex
    *They just took out all the grim elements shown in HL2 and added glowing happy neon lights, and that grim element is what makes HL2 HL2.*
  • wacko
    i kinda like it... especially the coopertive thing and the fact of playing in a special machine for fps... maybe this is gona be revolutionary... nice step
  • anable
    From Distortion to suNit: "owned"
  • Hunno
    I think the whole zombie level is a bit too much like doom or doom 3. I guess I dont dislike it. but it is too much gore and blood and pointless killing.
    I like the neon lights hud, I hope they make a hl2 hud like that for download.
  • Wakka
    I actually got to test drive this game, and it is a-frikken-mazing. Even with the funky markers, no alyx, and everything is in Japanese...
  • Tairoku
    I would like it if it had been a shooting game like time crisis or virtua cop.
  • JAce
    it is pretty darn cool, but uninspired. Half-Life 2 is best played on a PC, Xb360 or PS3.
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