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Linksys WRT54g/GS

Linksys WRT54g/GS

Imagine this, you are downloading some torrents (Open Source or Independent of course :p), and all of a sudden your Linksys router crashes and has to be rebooted. You wonder why this happens? I will tell you why, using the Linksys provided firmware the router caches the connection stats for 500 connections, eventually using torrents will cause the router to overload from all of the connections. Whats the soution to the problem you ask? Theres a distro of linux designed to run on certain routers. This distro is named DDWRT.

At first I was aprehensive about installing a third party firmware onto the router, but when a good friend of mine gave me a router which was the exact same model, I decided to give it a try. (Thanks Axis!!)

*NOTE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WERE DESIGNED FOR THE WRT54G V5 & V6 Router, Use these instructions at your own risk.

Materials Needed:

  1. One Linksys Router (preferably the WRT54G, Any model but the 7.0 model, it does not support DDWRT
  2. A copy of DDWRT designed for the router (
  3. A TFTP Client
  4. The VXWORKS Prep and KILLER Binaries
  5. Patience
  • Step one: Be sure to back up all of your router’s settings on a piece of paper so you can enter them into the new DDWRT Firmware.
  • Step two: Erase the settings from the router by loading factory defaults, Then use the firmware upgrader with the VXWorks prep binary. Give the router time to install it then once 3 minutes has passed powercycle the router.
  • Step three: If your computer has lost its ip address manually assign it an ip address of with a subnetmask of and default gateway of
  • Step four: open the router’s management screen all that should come up is the firmware recovery screen where you have the option to load the firmware. Install the vxworks killer using this prompt. Give the router 3-5 minutes to completely install this firmware. after this is done powercycle again.
  • Step five: Use the TFTP client to send the DDWRT generic firmware to the ip address of, Give the router a few minutes to install this firmware it will reboot itself and be up and running using the DDWRT firmware.
  • Step six: pick your username and password for the router so you can secure the management console. Enter in your internet connction settings and you are done.
If you encounter any problems and brick your router there are recovery options see this article here:

Good luck and have a nice Day

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