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Texan Court Bans Microsoft from selling Word in the US

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Today, August 12, I came across a twitter post saying “Microsoft banned” so I looked it up. Apparently a Texan Court has ruled in favor of i4i the company who owns the patent on the technology that Microsoft Word uses to read and write XMLbased files. These filetypes include *.xml *.docx *.docm. Will this be the first of many patent lawsuits against the software leviathan? I will post more information as I find out more.


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Has Microsoft Actually Grown A Brain?

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I ask this because they have actually been putting good features into Windows 7 RC1.

These New Features include:

  • Windows XP Mode (not emulation, but the SP3 core is integrated)
  • Dual touch zoom (yeah i know its copying apple, but apple users shouldn’t be the only ones to get that goodness.)
  • They fixed the UAC so it can have its levels set to be less of a nusance.
There are more features for a complete list of the 7 RC features click here:
Now I shall head back into the dark void to do more research on 7.

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Sheer and Utter Coolness - The Pirate’s Dilemma

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The Pirates Dilemma
The Pirates Dilemma


Mike Mason has written one of the most interesting new books of 2008.

It’s called The Pirate’s Dilemma and it’s a very interesting look at how technological innovation has been lead by “cultural” pirates.

Edison’s phonograph, and the movie industry’s move to California to avoid Edison’s patents, are the first examples I can name showing how “pirates” work around inefficiencies in current markets, to produce new paradigms with greater efficiency.

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