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Oprah + KFC = Social Experiment waiting to happen

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If your like me, you don’t watch Oprah… However you probably got an email from a friend or coworker with a link to a site where you can print coupons for a free 2 piece grilled chicken meal. Sounds great huh?……. Wrong! (mostly)

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The Epic Fail that is Comcast’s Billing

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ComcastFor those of you who have, or are thinking of getting Comcast, read this.

First off, I have been with Comcast since September of 2008. In that time I have found the service to be decent and in some instances even reliable. However the company themselves, leaves more to be desired.

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Monday’s Bailout Vote was Political Theatre…

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During a conversation Tuesday, I mentioned in passing that I thought Monday’s bailout vote, and resultant 777 point fall in the Dow was purely political theatre. The person I was speaking with asked me what I meant by that.

I explained, “It’s simple.  1) They vote down a horribly crafted bailout plan, 2) the markets stumble, 3) everyone panics, and agrees to support the next bailout (even if it’s obviously worse than the Monday plan).” 

Well, we’ve seen exactly this scenario play out. The senate took the same basic bailout plan, added some perks to make it “more acceptable” to the Republican leadership, and changed it from a $700 Billion plan, to an $800 Billion plan.

Our senators, here in Tennessee both voted for this new package, and this morning, the new package was rolled out in front of House of Representatives once again. The house passed the newer, bigger, bill 263 to 171.  The thing to understand is that both of these bail out bills are several hundred pages long, and that they were brought up for a vote sooner than anyone could have possibly read the entire thing.

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Derivative Media

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Hollywood and the Music Industry have both stepped away from their true calling.

They used to take a “new idea” and do something wonderful with it.

Take Citizen Kane.

Not like anything before it. Compelling, immersive, because the story drags you along.

Now compare the movie Transformers. A remake of a kids cartoon show, from our childhood.

Basically, any of us who grew up with the cartoon, already new the basic story, the only real hook was the mind-blowing Computer Generated Imaging (CGI). And yes, it was mind blowing.

But derivative.

Nothing new.

Retelling old stories is why people don’t go to the movie theatre and plunk down $10 a seat. When there are new, good ideas, they come from places where the organization is new.

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Fuel Prices Too High, Truckers Strike

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Well, hopefully this will send a shock to our leaders to try and drive down the cost of fuel.

Truckers across several states, and trickling across even more, are now going on strike in protest of the outrageously high fuel prices. The prices are so high that in places where diesel is $3.50/gallon and higher, it takes some of these truckers over $1,200 to fill up.

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McDonalds on Nolensville Road, Nashville


An Official All That’s Evil Report

McDonalds employee cleans mess with towels taken from garbage can, doesnt wash hands afterwards.

McDonald's employee cleans mess with towels taken from garbage can, doesn't wash hands afterwards.

My sweetheart is in the food service industry, and like most folks, I’ve worked in the grocery store: bagger, cashier, deli clerk, stocker; I’ve done it all.

In those jobs, I saw things that I never care to see again. In fact, out of all the places I’ve worked, there’s not one that I would recommend. 

At most places, the food quality sucks, and their handling practices are even worse… but this one trumps everything.

As I was eating at the McDonalds on Nolensville Road here in Nashville the other day, I witnessed an employee cleaning the coffee grounds off the countertop.

That’s all fine and dandy, unless you have to remove your towels from the trashcan first.

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Outsourcing … in Any Fashion, Is Evil


Corporations love to buy into the magical idea that by giving someone else their unprofitable bits, someone else can do it better, faster and cheaper.

That, above all else, is the Big Lie that leads to the recurring theme of outsourcing.

Every company has pieces of what they do that are necessary, but not necessarily core to their business.

For example, consider a company that mows lawns. In addition to actually mowing, some of the other things they do would include things like maintenance on the equipment, payroll, and marketing.

In this case, it makes sense to outsource payroll, because every minute you’re working on payroll, is a minute you can’t be mowing lawns.

Same with outsourcing equipment maintenance, because that could be a fairly specialized bit of technical know how, and you might not be a big enough company, to keep someone on staff full time, to handle that, if they’re only needed 3 times a year.

But say you decide that you’re going to outsource the actual lawn mowing.

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