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Conrad Bescherer & His Descendents

189 years in America!


This simple home page aims to become a reservoir of information about Conrad Bescherer (1784-1846) and his descendents.

If your surname is Bescherer, Bisher, Bishear, Beshearer, Bishear, Bischerer, Bischer, Bischeer, Bishir or a similar derivative, you may be related to the folks whose roots are described on this page.

Happy 90th birthday Furman Bisher!!!

Tribute to Roger Bisher (1955-2000)


The most common spelling of each ancestor's named is used.
Click on a name to learn more about Bisher ancestors and history.

Conrad Bescherer (1784 - 1846)

Godfrey Bischerer (1818 - 1897)

William Bescheer (1838 - 1902)

Chisholm Bisher (1892 - 1968)

Elliotte, Ellis & Hartman Families (1855 - date)

A photo gallery of Bescherers, Bishers, Bishears, Beshearers, Bishears, Bischerers, Bischers and Bischeers


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