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Life changes.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and there have been a lot of changes, in the past 2 weeks.

Two weeks ago, I was happily engaged to a wonderful woman.  Today, I’m not.   Two weeks ago, I didn’t have to think about where my life was going.  Today, I’m recovering from being forced to find shelter for my 7 year old daughter.
The upside of the entire situation is that, on a Sunday afternoon, with no social services available, I was able to find an apartment, and get sufficient furniture in place to be able to take care of my daughter, by bed time.  I was able to arrange for Daycare for the princess of All Evil.

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A Few Words on Relationships


If you are in a relationship, this is for YOU!

  • If you’re in a relationship, and the other person ignores you, or talks down to you, it’s a huge sign that you need to move on.
  • If the other person lies to you all the time, it’s a bad sign. Either they think you’re stupid or unobservant.
  • If the other person does not respect your opinions or ideas, it’s a sign you need to move on.
  • If the other person constantly wants you to change your appearance (lose weight, dye your hair, etc) when you are ok with how you look, it’s time for you to make like an atom and split.
  • If the other person is abusive or violent, make like Michael Jackson and beat it. (as in leave not as in hit the other person)

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Valentines Day is Upon Us, Once Again!


And that means that from at least one friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, I’ll be receiving aftershave, once again.   Not that aftershave is a bad thing.  If you’re going to buy aftershave as a gift for a man, make sure you know what his favorite is.   There’s nothing worse than receiving a 12 oz bottle of Old Spice from a co-worker, because they have no idea what your personal preference is.

My own personal favorite after the shower, after the shave fragrance is Bay Rum.  Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find, but I like how it smells, clean and fresh, and tropical.  My beloved says that its “My Smell”, and that’s really how your aftershave should fit into your personal space.

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Women and Men

Advocacy, Relationships, Society

I have previously written about chivalry and how it is not dead, but it is picking out burial plots. This post is written for several reasons, the first that comes to mind is the fact that this has been bugging me for a while now and it needs to be yanked out into the open, skeletons, while neat decorations at Halloween don’t need to be left in the closet for years.

To all of the women who are reading this post, if you are looking for a knight in shining armor, who will ride in on his faithful white stallion to save you and make your life everything you ever dreamed of… I’m afraid they haven’t existed in about 600 years. However there are still a few nice guys left. That would love you and treat you with respect and compassion. That would do their best to make you happy.

They are hard to find. Most of the time they are passed over, they are the best friend, the companion to go to when shit has hit the fan and the chips are down…. They hold your hand when your hurting, they are your shoulder to cry on when your sad. They stand beside you and defend you to your friends and your enemies. They ask nothing in return. They simply wait.

While they might not be knights on horses… They are all that remain of an ever dieing breed.

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BBQ of All Evil

Amusements, Hacking, Local, Music, Relationships

Over the weekend, the crew from All Thats Evil enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the Center for All Evil…

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The Glories of High-School Norms

Relationships, Society

While I may not be the ‘rebel’ of today’s school systems, I still am a rebel in that, hey, I’m smart.

Today’s rebels are becoming the norm for teenagers all throughout high schools (and middle schools) in the country, or at least from what I’ve seen.

It’s become a norm for several things, and here’s just a list of what I’ve seen in my senior classes (the ones that I can’t escape into a honors class just to avoid the stupidity of my own class).

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