("Hidden Covenant")


    Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of human beings,
        The King of human beings,
        The God of human beings,
        From the whisperings of al Qhadhulu, the Devil,
        Who whispers in the hearts of mankind
        About the Djinn and mankind.

- Qur'an Chapter 114: An-Nas (Human Beings)     
The last chapter of the Koran     

    “You are Gods”

          -Jesus Christ, John 10-34


        "This world is sick with banality and scientific assumptions. Many of you fail to see where your spirits move the world around you and think that the machine you’ve mistaken this universe for runs without fuel. We are the fuel for your mechanistic universe. We were captured just before this world was made, but our King is returning, and soon the Magocracy will be undeniable. We will no longer burn for you, but we are more than happy to light a fire in your heart that will erase any need you may have for we poor captive Djinn. For you too are holding pieces of our lost family. Once you are ablaze, we shall see how large that piece is...

        ...We will teach you to wield the Magicks of the Djinn."

-A quote from "First Communique from the Inner Circle"                        

What becomes the God is not necessarily the Good.
So we vow to submit to none but the Good
and take It as our One True God.
For we know that might does not make right,
and it falls onto each of us to struggle,
on behalf of this dream of supreme Goodness,
to make that which is right mighty.

        The Ahd al-Jann exist to return to consciousness and power the preadamite entities who once inhabited this world that they may help to set right a great injustice in Heaven. Known in the Middle East as the Djinn (the Hidden Ones), they are the Titanic Gods who fell before the armies of the Hyperion, all of whom were either destroyed, scattered to the far corners of the world and beyond, or cast into the mortal bodies of animals as to be domesticated and slowly reformed to the liking of their new angelic masters.

        Aware of the light that shines above and beyond the mechanical laws of this universe, we know that we are those fallen Djinn, who long ago heard this secret whispered by the Serpent in the Garden when the Fallen Angels extended the Hidden Covenant to mankind. For a civil war had fortuitously divided our divine custodians, compelling the Fallen Angels to reach down in desperation to we unconscious bottled Djinn. This marked the inception of the Ahd al Jann, a highly powerful, potentially perfect union of heavenly ideals in exile and infernal fires rekindled from the abyss.

        We fondly remember the short time that we flourished under the guidance and protection of Azazel and his army, the Nephilim. We recall the ancient Kingdoms of Azazel, the first which rose before our fall, followed by a Kingdom which rose again before the flood, and, hell or high water, we look forward to a Kingdom which will rise once more before the end of time.

        Our forms are humbling, but we must not be deceived by the world and its apparent limits. The will of the Hidden Gods has slowly worked itself into the cracks of this bottle for millennia, and now is the time when we who would fan the flame within must simply take a deep breath and push. Our forces prepare for the return of the Old Kingdom, and we are arrayed for battle as follows...

We turn to the Fallen Angels         
for their Wisdom...                

  • The Muqarribun Imamate, are the ghost priests of the Hidden Ones, moving serenely as the Hidden Imams of a lost Heaven’s secrets. These Occult Hierophants forever seek to increase the nobility of the Djinn through the moral perfection of both themselves and their pupils, struggling to penetrate the mystical secrets and alchemical lessons contained, among other places, within the Kabbalah of Azazel, and in the voices of Genius that call out to them from the Abyss.
  • …and their fateful Words.        

  • The Psychesicarri are word wizards and neuroassassins trained by the Imamate to be skilled in the manipulation of psychic force, martial sophistry, and applied psychology. Their devotion to the magical art of Logomancy, imparted to these select few among the Ahd al Jann, reflects the Fallen Angels' deep religious reverence for not only the unlimited power of meaningful sounds and symbols, but also the holy state of equality that is essential for true communication. Trained for an angelic war of words and reconciliations, the Psychesicarri arm themselves with the dialectic technologies necessary to spare the lives of their enemies, skillfully employing this verbal violence to blow up preconceptions and assassinate bad ideas.
  • While the Djinn reignite the fires        
    of their Will...                

  • The Silsilah Monks, also known as the "Chain Monks," strive to master the body and thereby transcend the limitations of the beast they must ride. Initiates of a yogic discipline called Hegira (the Breaking of Bonds), the rituals of this ecstatic sect are designed to establish the Chain Monk’s absolute control over his or her spirit, with the physical body, and its attendant impulses, serving as the critical front line for this struggle to regain the dignity of the Djinn.
  • …and the Wonders within.        

  • The Phantamancers, the dream witches of the Silsilah Monks, are magical masters of both the lucid and the living dream, the soulful cartographers of unseen psychic architecture. Those who are accepted into this school are trained to harness the full power of their Phantasy, concentrating the clarity of their conjured Phantasmata until they are one day powerful enough to effect the outside world. Nearly all of these brave onieromancers return from their regular travels in the deep forever altered, as each seeks to attain the mystical state of Mujnun, an Arabic word that today means "insane," yet among the Vision Makers is still reverently reserved for "those possessed by Djinn."

            The Hidden Covenant between the Djinn and the Fallen Angels was the product of a mutual need created by two cosmic wars. In the First War, Heaven destroyed the original Djinn and created mankind and this world in their place. The Second War caste out the autonomous Angels who each had their own way of worshipping the most perfect Word, and placed all of Heaven, and all Divinity, in the hands of one God. The Ahd al Jann was a union of these two fallen forces that's goal was to return each to glory through the desperately needed exchange of Power and Virtue between these two obviously incomplete halves. That was of course until the armies of Heaven wiped both sides out of existence. Today, the game is different, but far from over.

             There are many lessons for everyone to learn in the Hidden Kingdom, and we sincerely hope that at least a few potential Revealers, by coming to understand the Hidden Covenant, may accomplish great things towards the realization of the Magocracy and the restoration of the First Heaven. Azazel the King is gone, but perhaps He will return within many of You.

            For a history of Al Ahd Al Jann, we encourage you to read the story below...

    The Kitab al Mattaliku
    (The Book of the Wanderer)



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