We get a letter from mizuki-sensei !

Reply from Mizuki-sensei

P Question for Ms. Igarashi:
Is it true that you don't regard Ms. Mizuki as the author of Candy Candy? When did you start to believing in this?
Q Question for Ms. Igarashi:
And Why do you NOW assert that you are the only one who owns the copyright to Candy Candy?
R We, Candy Candy fans believe that every single piece of character drawings from Candy Candy should be drawn
based on the story of the manga Candy Candy. It
doesn't matter when the picture was drawn, where the picture was drawn, whether the pictures came from the
manga or not, and by whom the picture was drawn.
Question for Ms. Igarashi:
Generally speaking, it is very hard to believe when you say that the author, Ms. Mizuki owns only the
copyright of the pictures from the manga Candy Candy.
Please elaborate your opinion on this point.
S Question for both Ms. Mizuki and Ms.Igarashi:
What are you planning to do with Candy Candy as you continue the trial in court?
X Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms.Mizuki:
As the authors, won't you leave Candy Candy for the fans of the next generation?

I'm going to tell you my thoughts on Questions 1 through 4 and 9 together so that they are connected.

As a novelist, there isn't anyone who wants to leave one's works to the next generation.
However an author cannot leave one's works in the future by her or his effort's alone, even if he
/she hopes to do so. There are only a few works that could be lived.. the chosen
ones which are loved by many readers and fans, I think. When such voices arrived to me
from Candy Candy fans, I'm grateful for it with all my heart.
There can be no greater favor for an author than that.

Regarding Candy Candy, I have never ever think of her as a business.
Only my heart is filled with deep emotion to think Candy Candy fans have grown up.
I'm not good at marketing, so I have never thought of promoting Candy Candy by myself.
What am I going to do with Candy Candy in the future...include that point,
if Igarashi-san had spoken and asked me about her idea of a Candy Candy business once before,
I would have thought about it together. I had much less opportunity
to meet Candy Candy fans than Igarashi-san had, and I had much less opportunity to hear fans' request.
The readers who support me are the type of persons who read the story deeply and write me letters.
They were not the type of fans who would like to have Candy Candy merchandise and anything like that.
As a matter of course,
some of the fans, who want to have Candy Candy merchandise, might request Igarashi-san for those kind of things first, I think.

I've been thinking of Candy Candy, that she would be whirled up by the wind someday again if she has been loved
and wanted by many readers as a wonderful manga.
Actually, Kodansha had published a monthly manga magazine called Lun-Lun with a Candy Candy manga booklet
as a free gift every 2 months. People were beginning to care about Candy little by little.
Of course, it is important to promote its business by an author sometimes. However I consider that this issue
made the nature wind stop and stagnate.

Thinking about Candy's future...
I have completely no idea. If this court trial continues much longer,
Toei Animation will give up the idea of Candy Candy reruns or remake and many fans will reduce their care about Candy.
This trial is going to be spread to much more people.
Toei Animation says: "Nobody's going to be a sponsor to Candy Candy which has such a dirty impression. And it is going to
be impossible to rerun Candy Candy on the TV."

However, I still consider it is not too late... unless
Igarashi-san will recognize her own crime and give a willing consent to discuss keeping Candy alive for the future.

What am I going to do with Candy Candy while I continue this trial at court? It is impossible to answer for me
because Igarashi-san keeps claiming that I don't hold the copyright of Candy Candy. That means
I have no right to discuss Candy's future. It's the same thing.

I hope to restore the copyright of Candy Candy under Kodansha,
which used to own it, and I hope that Igarashi-san will correct the illegal business.
Then we can discuss what she is going to do with CandyCandy.

PO Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
Why did you release the Candy Candy contract with Kodansha in 1995?
The copyright of Candy Candy had been managed by Kodansha since Candy Candy was published serially on Nakayoshi.

Question 10

I've written to clear the particular matters on <Statement 1>section in my website.

It would have been possible to leave my contract with Kodansha separated with Igarashi-san...
( but I didn't at that time). To tell you the truth, Ifeel I was involved in her <project>.
I regret to say that...

PP What do you think are the differences between TRUTH

Question 11

<Truth> is just as its word. The things you can answer with firm confidence.
There is a evidence and a witness...When you see the things with conjecture, it will be mixed with truth and imagination.
Truth is hard to be certified. There are so many affairs that are talked about with conjecture in the world.
In the news report on TV or in the newspaper,
those affairs also cannot help but be written by an intelligent person's conjecture because the <truth> is invisible.
I think the only person who can notice the truth has <real eyes>. I would like to be that kind of person.

When you would like to call it<abuse and slander>...if it is <truth> with any evidence, then it is not abuse, but a <true thing>.
That's clear.
However, every single person has his/her own dignity even he or she has done unreasonable things to other people.
And you shouldn't say mean things to them even if it is true. It is important for us to observe decorums.

PQ Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
Could you tell me what Candy Candy means to you in your life?

Question 12

Candy Candy is a very special work for me with lots of good memories in the bloom of my youth. A girl,
Candy is my daughter who brought me many things, and she is also a benefactor for me.

PR Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
When this terrible problem between the both of you on Candy Candy first became known,
did you have anyopportunity to talk about this with one other in person,
before Ms. Mizuki brought this case to the court?
Or did one of you refuse to talk with the other?

Question 13

I hope you will read my statement in my website aboutthis.
And I will tell you one more thing, that is not in the statement.
When the Print Club case was brought to light, a certain very famous manga-ka tried to mediate between us,
but Igarashi-san refused to talk about it with me. (Igarashi-san commented in an opposite way, though.)

I might be blamed by Igarashi supporters who say:
"Why didn't Mizuki go and talk with Igarashi-san herself?!"
They might be right. I should go uninvited to her place to talk with her.
But, as I've already told you in my website, I already had some doubts about her before that.
Especially my husband had doubted her very much.

When we had a big argument on the phone about the Print Club case,
I was hoping she would call me back sooner or later to tell me as usual,
"Why are you taking me wrong, Rato-chan (Rato-chan is Igarashi's nickname for me)?".
However the phone call never came.

PS Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
In regards to the copyright matter, what do you think about "Doujinshi" or "Candy Candy fans' website" using
the pictures and story of Candy Candy?

Question 14

I'm so glad to know many people love my works in many ways.
<Dojinshi> and others is not a problem over copyright if it is only used within their hobbies.
But it is hard to tell whether it is just a hobby or not. Some might use them for profit-money-making.
It is becoming a big legal problem right now. In my opinion,
I think it is okay to sell Dojinshi at Comic market (Comike) only if they don't spoil the original story's mood.

P6 Question for Ms. Mizuki:
What do you think of a manga-ka who draws a manga based on the other author's story?

Question 16

In my opinion, most of all the ordinary manga-ka would be attached to their own works when they want to draw
with passion, no matter how it would turn out with the author.
Making the most of the original story is one of the greatest talents as a manga-ka, I've been thinking.

It is a pity that there are some manga-kas who did not make the most of the original stories.
And some of those original stories were really good.

17 Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
Have you ever discussed the distribution of royalties with each other before the trial began?

Question 17

NO, I have never been dissatisfied with the distribution of royalties between us.
I had agreed to the distribution of the royalty of 40% for me and 60% for Igarashi-san.

Once we agreed with: 50% for me and 50% for Igarashi-san when the manga books had sold tens of thousands of copies.
But I didn't change the royalty rate to that, because I understood that Igarashi-san had a lot more expenses for her assistants.

However, when I began to talk with Izawa-sensei about this lawsuit, I began to doubt her excuse for the royalty.

When we agreed to publish the 6 vols small size of Candy Candy manga books with Chuou-Koron-sha,
Igarashi-san proposed that we change the royalty rate to 50% -50%. And so we made the change.
However, at the court, Igarashi-san presented the statement from Chuou-koron-sha saying that Mizuki
forced the change of the rate. This is not true. So I decided to dissolve the contract with them because they stained my honor.

In the contract with Igarashi-san, we concluded with each other that the royalty rate was going to be 50%-50%.
But it would be okay for me either way: 40% or 50%. The contract was made by a certain lawyer,
who knew Igarashi-san very well, so I left it alone.

One thing that I didn't agree on was that Igarashi-san had taken a commission of 20% from that.

PW Question for Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
How are you going to deal with the pirate merchandise of Candy Candy in the world?

Question 18

I'm very concerned about it. Kodansha used to check those kind of things for us.
(But now, I have to do it by myself...)

But right now, it is a much more serious problem for me to research the selling of illegal merchandise by
Igarashi-san herself than those pirate merchandise of Candy Candy in the world.

PX Question for both Ms. Igarashi and Ms. Mizuki:
Were there any differences in opinion between the two of you in regards to Candy Candy merchandise?

Question 19

Before I answer this question, I have to tell you that my opinion has changed since then.

When I began to provide my website to tell you about this trial,
I thought this dispute might have been caused by Igarashi-san's misunderstanding between us--
about the way Candy Candy characters were used for business.

However that was wrong...

I learned it from Georgie's case from Izawa-sensei,
whose copyright has been infringed upon by Igarashi-san for more than 10 years.
I'm quite confident that this was not a misunderstanding, but IT WAS HER PROJECT.
I'm sure she tried to eliminate both authors, Izawa sensei and myself,
from her big hit works and she wanted to deal with Candy and Georgie by herself.

Georgie was published in Italy about 10 years ago, but Igarashi-san contracted with the publisher by herself
and Izawa sensei didn't know about it at all.
His name was deleted from the manga cover by Igarashi-san.
He has found out about the whole illegal business just recently.

Some of Igarashi's supporters might say this is not Igarashi-san's own doing and that someone might have
talked her into those illegal business. I wish so too.

However we are all grown-up adults. We should have the good sense to refuse wicked and evil deals or
sugar-coated words.

I didn't think there were much differences in the idea in how the Candy Candy characters were used for
business between us at first.

I really understood that Igarashi-san wanted to deal with Candy Candy much stronger than me.
I would be very grateful to sell Candy Candy merchandise.
I feel it is just as if a good daughter would be devoted to her parents.

If we make a plan for Candy Candy merchandise, I hope it will use the Candy Candy original image from the
manga story, and it will be pleased by all fans.

I heard that Igarashi-san spread the rumor to fans that Mizuki has never accepted her idea for Candy
Candy merchandise and Mizuki said NO when she asked for Mizuki about the plan.

I'm sure I didn't agree with her plan to sell Candy Candy merchandise a couple of times when Candy Candy
was still managed by Kodansha, but I had good reasons for that.
I can't mention exactly what kinds of things Igarashi-san presented, but I had thought those
kinds of things would be frowned upon by fans.
I guess Igarashi-san still remembers this story and so she claims
that Mizuki didn't want to sell Candy Candy merchandise at all.
But I didn't mean ALL kinds of merchandise. I would like to repeat again, I have never given permission
for the merchandise you see at shops all over Japan because Igarashi-san never asked me for it.
How could I give permission for what I didn't even know about?

And if she had asked me about her plan to make Candy Candy merchandise,
I would have never ignored her idea at all. That's why I decided to dissolve a contract with Kodansha,
and I concluded a contract with Chuou-koron-sha.

With this issue, some people went between us to settle things and Igarashi-san said to one of them,
"Mizuki always refused my ideas!" as usual. Then he asked her in return,
"Can you tell me exactly when, what, how come Mizuki-san refused your ideas?"
But she didn't answer those questions at all, and she shouted to him,
"Why should I ask Mizuki's permission for each of my business ideas!!!"

I recognized then, that THAT was her true mind.

I have completely no idea when Igarashi-san started to ignore the authors of her manga works like this...
Now I can tell you she has never listened to the authors' thoughts about using characters from our
works because she has such a sense of manner and behavior to the authors.

at last?c

.......I think there are many thoughts from me that may not reach you, but these answers are all I would like to reply.

Some of Igarashi-san's supporters might think that those drawings belong to the manga-ka,
and some of them might think Igarashi-san got mad at the court for the decision.
I guess those people might not care that Kodansha, Toei and many fans have regarded Mizuki as the author of CandyCandy for 20 years.

I also think there are some people who got angry with me for bringing a suit against Igarashi-san,
or there are some people who have an antipathy to me for providing those information in detail.

I wish they could understand my situation.

I do understand how they feel about Igarashi-san as a good talented manga-ka for a long time and how much they love her.

I also understand that they have difficulty accepting the reality, as did I.

As I am the person concerned, I have ascertained the reality step by step.
But there are so many things that Igarashi-san's supporters wouldn't like to conclude, so I gave up hoping that they will understand me.

I will move myself to follow my spirit. If I consider some of Igarashi-san's offers negotiable,
I will not mind having discussions about them. However, to things I consider non-negotiable, I will clearly say NO.

I guess Igarashi-san's supporters might feel displeased with that.
But I wish they will get a better understanding and they will enter into my feelings little bit some day in the future....