2 S.I.C.K.
Year: 2006
Directed by: Tommy Brunswick
Cast: Kelli Jensen
Jessica Hall
John Anton
Nathaniel Ketcham
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 Several years ago, Angie's parents were brutally
killed by a serial killer in a clown costume
called Mr. Jingles. Since then, Angie has been in
a psychiatric ward but today she's finally been
released and sent off to her cousins. What no
one knows is that Mr. Jingles has also returned
to finish what he once started.

Mr Jingles is yet another independent movie that
Lions Gate has picked up only to release as a
sequel to some previous horrible horror flick
they've released. This time, it's the atrocious
slasher flick "S.I.C.K." aka "Grim Weekend" which
has gotten a sequel and if I hadn't known better,
I would probably have thought that this was an
official sequel as it is almost just as bad.

The story revolves around Angie whose parents
were killed by the horrible Mr Jingles (what a
name for a villain huh?) many years ago. She's
finally been released from the psychiatric ward
and since it's her birthday, her cousin has
decided to throw her a party. Unfortunately for
them, an uninvited guest shows up and starts
killing off all the teens. Mr Jingle is back, but
this time he's a demon!

Ever since I saw "Killjoy" I've absolutely hated
the idea of a demonic clown. The only time it's
worked was in Stephen Kings "It". And I still
believe that you need someone like Stephen King
to have written the story to be able to pull this
concept off because they've really failed with
this one. Mr Jingles is one of those movies which
would never have found distribution five years ago
or so, but thanks to a huge DTV market, these
incompetent low-budget slasher flicks actually
find great distribution.

How much longer can this low-budget horror mania
keep on going? Won't we ever get tired of movies
like this? Mr Jingles is perhaps entertaining for
those who were involved in the making of it but
for anyone else, I doubt this will be a pleasurable
hour. Don't bother with this one, it's almost as
atrocious as the first movie was.

It does have some decent gore in it actually. We
get guts, a hand chopped off, some people get axes
in their heads, we get a hand through ones stomach,
a chopped off penis (or a dildo with some blood
on it) and some more. The effects look pretty cheap
the gore is not a good selling point for this.

The score feels very cheap but it's still surprisingly
effective. The jingles actually work pretty well
to set a decent atmosphere so I have no real
complaints in this department.

If you've seen SICK, you probably know better than
to rent this, but just in case you don't, let me
warn you. 2 SICK is a horrible and incompetent
slasher flick which feels like it was made by a
couple of friends passing time. I respect them for
doing it but it's not a pleasurable ride.


Review By: AnthroFred