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Linksys + Linux = Instant Win

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Linksys WRT54g/GS

Linksys WRT54g/GS

Imagine this, you are downloading some torrents (Open Source or Independent of course :p), and all of a sudden your Linksys router crashes and has to be rebooted. You wonder why this happens? I will tell you why, using the Linksys provided firmware the router caches the connection stats for 500 connections, eventually using torrents will cause the router to overload from all of the connections. Whats the soution to the problem you ask? Theres a distro of linux designed to run on certain routers. This distro is named DDWRT.

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Psyb0t - The Invisible Infection Rears it’s Ugly Head

Hacking, Internet, Linux, Technology, Threat

Check for psyb0t!In January 2008, I wrote two articles (Jan. 3, 2008 & Jan. 15, 2008)  about an computer virus infection vector that almost no one else had looked at.   Except William Pitcock over at Dereferenced Technologies.  And the Indiana University Students who wrote about Wifi Epidemiology.

This week, eWeek’s Larry Seltzer brings us the story of the first implementation of these ideas, in his story The First Linux Botnet, which is titled to spread maximum fear.  Specifically, it appears that the psyb0t worm attacks not only a long list of linux embedded devices, but also attacks routers running VxWorks based firmware, as well.

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A Quick Look at a Jailbroken iPhone 3G

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The iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G

Ok, I’ll admit it. I like Apple products. There is something to be said for a product that you can pull out of the box and have it work right with out having to read pages of manuals or spend hours trying to figure out.

When Apple first released the original version of the iPhone I thought it was a neat concept, but the iPhone 3G is a serious expansion of an already cool product.

The iPhone 3G comes out of the box with Bluetooth, WiFi, Edge, 3G and GPS transceivers, making it an extremely connected device.

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Phreaknic 12! - October 24th - 25th, 2008


 That’s right, it’s that time, once again!

Join the team when we head for Phreaknic 12, here in beautiful Nashville, TN.

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WiFi Analysis Part I

Hacking, Internet, Local, Technology, WiFi

Ok, on a recent trip from Alabama to Tennessee, a few of our staff decided it would be interesting to do a scan for any and all wireless networks that were passed on the trip. However this scan did not start until we were around an hour/hour and a half away from our destination.

Here are the results we gathered on our first run up I-65 at around 70mph.

(Please note that more scans will follow and will be done in localized areas at lower speeds).

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The Joys of Unix

Apple, Hacking, Linux, Microsoft

I will start off by saying, I was once a beta tester for Microsoft with a project known as Longhorn (Vista is what its now known by). I will also start off by saying that had it stayed the way it was and not undergone the swift lobotomy that Microsoft imposed on it, it would have been a truly revolutionary operating system.

That being said I am not a Windows user.

I am happy to proclaim that I am a Mac OS and Linux user. My main machine is a happy little Macbook running OS X Leopard, it is a fantastic little machine and is quite capable of do anything I need it to do, be it video editing or building the latest add-on for All That’s Evil or any of the many other sites I work on.

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BBQ of All Evil

Amusements, Hacking, Local, Music, Relationships

Over the weekend, the crew from All Thats Evil enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the Center for All Evil…

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Identity Theft, and SPAM

Customer Service, Ethics, Hacking, Technology, Threat

Identity theft is evil.

SPAM is evil.

LifeLock is a company who provides a $1 million guarantee that they can protect you from identity theft.
So far, sounds great, right?
Well, the two largest threats on the Internet are Identity Theft, and SPAM.

Of these two, SPAM is worse, because SPAM affects everyone, and SPAM is one of the enabling technologies for Identity Theft. In February 2007, it was predicted that 90% of all email passing across the Internet’s backbone would be SPAM, and in December, an Information Week article reported SPAM levels had exceeded 94% of all email sent.

Well, with SPAM being such a pervasive threat, and being a direct vector for Identity Theft (via phishing, malware delivered via email, etc), you’d like to think that it might be one of the things that LifeLock would understand. And might choose to avoid, as a marketing tool.

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