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AJAX: Now Playing on a Desktop Near You

Adobe, Standards, The Web

Many people in the hacker community that keep up with the tech news know that in the last year, there have been many mergers and buyouts, some yielding great technological benefits, and some not.

One major purchase was made by Adobe, the multimedia-mogul company that brought us groundbreaking software like Adobe Premier and Audition.

Immediately after their purchase of Macromedia, they began moving towards developing the side of their Web 2.0 market. What we see in today’s post is evidence that their efforts not in vain.

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Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta

Standards, The Web

“Flash procrastinators rejoice.”

Those three words, previously used to describe the Web 2.0 javascript goodness that’s quickly becoming the internet status-quo now have a new companion.

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PCLinuxOS 2007 - (My Move to Linux)

Linux, Standards

I admit.

I’m young, but I’ve been around desktop computers since their inception, almost 20 years ago.

Unlike the generation after me, I witnessed the development of many technologies that they take for granted. It’s not that they don’t care, but ignorance is bliss, as they say.

I remember when the 486 Hz processor was the thing, and your family must have money to blow if your home had a computer - let alone one with 50 megabytes of hard disk space. When Intel released the Pentium line of processors, the world marveled.

While a lot of big computer advances were rocking the visible market, Microsoft was coding Windows 95.

But when it came out, it changed the face of PC computing forever.

Even the newest release of Microsoft’s popular Windows operating system, Vista, still has a lot of the same design ideas from the 95 release.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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Gridlock Shuts Down ISO/IEC Committee, Thanks to Microsoft Manipulations

Microsoft, Standards

A while ago, we wrote about how Microsoft was attempting to corrupt the standards process.

Well, part of their attempt to corrupt the standards process was to coerce many countries to join the Document Format and Languages committee of the ISO/IEC.

In addition, several countries traded their membership status up to Principal level, in order to gain additional influence with the committee.

There’s just one tiny problem with that.

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The iPhone is all that? Try the OpenMoko!


Looking at a universe where Apple and the Deathstar (AT&T) work together to put out the sexiest, hottest piece of technology, things look pretty good. Until you realize you paid a serious premium for that iPhone, and that you’re guaranteed to pay a $20/mo premium over the same service on ANY other phone.

Looking at these facts, one has to wonder if there’s anything out there, to sooth the tech-jones you get, looking at the iPhone.

Enter the Open Source revolution. Enter OpenMoko, a fully integrated Open Source Mobile Communications Platform.

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Microsoft Comes Clean!

Microsoft, Standards

Microsoft just came clean, they admitted that someone at their Swedish Office bribed their partners to join in and vote for the standard!

Microsoft claims that they did not know that this person had done this. Since then they have notified the SIS and they have  nullified the vote.

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Microsoft Buys Swedish Vote for OOXML

Microsoft, Politics, Standards

This Just In from (of all places!) OS2

Microsoft blatantly shows their true colors, by bringing enough new votes to the table to BUY the Swedish Vote concerning OOXML as an ISO standard.

Before Microsoft stacked the deck (we’ll go into that more in a moment), there were 11 members of the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).

The votes (once again, before stacking the deck) would have been 3 Yes, 5 No, and 3 Abstain.

But, apparently, all that’s needed to be able to vote at the SIS, is membership in the SIS, which costs just under $2500 US.

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