Identity Theft, and SPAM

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Identity theft is evil.

SPAM is evil.

LifeLock is a company who provides a $1 million guarantee that they can protect you from identity theft.
So far, sounds great, right?
Well, the two largest threats on the Internet are Identity Theft, and SPAM.

Of these two, SPAM is worse, because SPAM affects everyone, and SPAM is one of the enabling technologies for Identity Theft. In February 2007, it was predicted that 90% of all email passing across the Internet’s backbone would be SPAM, and in December, an Information Week article reported SPAM levels had exceeded 94% of all email sent.

Well, with SPAM being such a pervasive threat, and being a direct vector for Identity Theft (via phishing, malware delivered via email, etc), you’d like to think that it might be one of the things that LifeLock would understand. And might choose to avoid, as a marketing tool.

Well, apparently not. I’ve been receiving (for about a week) daily SPAM advertisements from LifeLock. In this case, I’m talking about email messages that claim to be from, which is owned by Intelligent Media Firm (who are based in Ontario Canada).

When I received the first SPAM, I “unregistered” according to the link in the email, and emailed the site contacts at LifeLock, and received an automated reply, but in the intervening week, I’ve not heard anything else back from them except to continue to receive SPAM. I’ve tried opting out of the emails, but that hasn’t really done anything to decrease the frequency of the SPAM (I’m still getting 1-3 of them a day!).

So it appears that LifeLock is a dirty rotten spammer and doesn’t mind associating with the class of scum who send SPAM as part of their advertising budget. I’m writing this because my emails to those horrible scammers have gone unanswered. So I think it’s time to let the world know, and hopefully get the message across that we do not like having our resources wasted, that we will not do business with you if you try to market to us via SPAM, and that we will let the world know that your company is happy to abuse potential customers, waste precious resources and generally act like bad citizens on the Internet.

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  1. mastermind  •  March 17, 2008 @11:13 am

    I saw the e-mails, I saw the WhoIs data, I looked for an actual legit URL for these intelligent media firm folks… nothing.

    Now, what I really thought was interesting: the “bold” founder of LifeLock, who is supposedly immune to such tactics was recently (according to TechDirt) a victim of identity theft.

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