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Education, and the Economic Stimulus Package

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President Obama has signed into law the Economic Stimulus package. And there’s money there for education. This is the good thing. On the other side of the coin, money for education in the bill was scaled back, and now is no larger than the educational funding of the past few years. So while it looks like this is a new source of funding for educational improvements, in many ways, it’s just putting back what’s been cut over the past few years.

The stimulus package’s educational spending is earmarked for technology and infrastructure. This is a necessary area for educational spending, and for the past few years, has been trimmed far too much. But in addition to infrastructure, the money needs to go to better tools.

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Doing Something to Help Educate Children

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Sarcastic Mom over at Deep South Moms Blog let me know about this.  The Deep South Moms Blog Donors Choose Challenge is a chance to help schools by donating directly to a Public School Classroom Teacher to help meet a specific need.  

Because my beloved is a Teacher, I totally understand the fact that teachers are always looking to be able to do more for their students.  And that they’re always looking for more money to do things with and for their students.   I’ve been a big fan of Donors Choose for a few months now, and I see how they’re providing an easy interface to make a difference.  

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