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Upcoming Bill Plans to Lessen Wi-Fi Access Penalties

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This correspondence just in from Delegate Myers, the gentleman who has filed the Wi-Fi bill that I previously mentioned.

Dear Constituents:

Thank you for contacting me regarding House Bill 1377 Criminal Law - Unauthorized Access to Wireless Internet Service. I introduced HB 1377 during this session with the intentions of lessening the penalties for individuals whom unknowingly or accidentally access and/or use someone else’s unsecured wireless internet access. The bill was meant to protect the public from stiff penalties when there is proof of no malicious intent. The current law is not so kind and you the average unknowing citizen can be convicted of a felony! Unfortunately, the interpretation of the bill (by the media) was incorrect and citizens were given misinformation. As a result, the bill received an unfavorable report from Judiciary Committee by one vote.

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Bill Criminalizing WiFi Leeching Shot Down

Crime & Punishment, Technology, WiFi

A Florida man, a Illinois man, and a Michigan man have already been convicted in cases of accessing remote networks without prior authorization. Look at the links, and take careful notes. These Wi-Fi broadcasts are open. Free of any hinderances, except signal strength.

In today’s world, having a open network is, much to my chagrin, a serious threat to your personal information.

Today’s internet savvy teens think that they’re invincible on all fronts, not just on the road, and most of their parents don’t realize what their children are getting into.

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“Incitatus” Candidate for Federal Judgeship Encounters Opposition

Crime & Punishment, Politics
Gustavus A. Puryear IV

Gustavus A. Puryear IV

As we mentioned before on December 10th Gus Puryear has been nominated for a federal judgeship for the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Tennessee.

His confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday turned into a tough fight. Senators Feinstein and Specter quoted civil rights groups and others, asking the hard questions of Mr. Puryear.

In a time when Senate Democrats are fighting the president over judicial nominations, Puryear’s confirmation hearing is one of few that have actually come this far in the process.

This is a case of mixed blessings, as the number of open federal judgeships is soaring, but in the case of the Middle District of Tennessee, Gustavus Puryear is a poorly qualified candidate, unless his qualifications are his standing in the republican party, and the number of republicans he’s in bed with in Washington D.C.

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Supreme Court Upholds RICO Claims Against Best Buy, Microsoft

Crime & Punishment, Customer Service

Microsoft & Best Buy have been squirming recently, attempting to get out from under a lawsuit alleging that they’ve violated RICO statutes, as described below.

It seems that when Microsoft and Best Buy entered into a joint marketing agreement for Best Buy to promote Microsoft’s MSN service in their stores, and for Microsoft to promote Best Buy via their MSN internet service.

As a part of the joint venture, Microsoft invested $200 million in Best Buy, and Best Buy agreed to load a six month free trial to MSN on computers they sold.

According to a class action lawsuit involving thousands of consumers, Best Buy allegedly signed users up for MSN accounts, using the credit cards that were used to purchase their new computers. Because of the six month free trial, it was only discovered months later, when charges began accruing to credit cards.

The lawsuit alleges that electronically transmitting the plaintiffs’ financial information violated RICO,

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Arresting WiFi Users for Casually Using Open WiFi Access Points

Brittain, Crime & Punishment, Politics, WiFi

The British government, in all of their infinite wisdom, have decided that the act of casually using someone else’s unsecured WiFi access point is criminal, and are arresting casual users for Stealing Broadband Service.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me this seems to be utterly silly.

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British Judge Believes Everyone Must be Added to UK DNA database

Brittain, Crime & Punishment, Politics, Society
Lord Justice Sedley

Lord Justice Sedley

Once again, England comes up with an idea that is so frightening, and evil, that we fear we can’t do it justice, here.

Lord Justice Sedley believes that everyone, innocent or guilty, should be added to the UK’s National DNA Database, according to this article in the BBC News.

Currently, the UK’s National DNA Database contains information on roughly 4 million people who have been convicted, or found innocent of a crime in the UK.

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