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CompUSA Down The Tubes

CompUSA, Customer Service

Finally, something solid comes out of Dallas. According to a post on CNN Money, the once major technology retailer, CompUSA will be closing it’s doors after this December’s holiday season.

Here at All That’s Evil, we have been speculating on their demise for quite a while, and my last visit to the store made me wonder how long the inside folks have known this… When I was in our local Nashville store back in August, even the cashiers had a defeated attitude about them. The sales associates were slow, and their stock was low on the most basic items like wireless routers. Perhaps my experience could be attributed to just low stock and a rainy day, but I don’t think so. You must admit, it makes you wonder.

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CompUSA - or 55 Minutes to buy a Laptop Hard Drive

CompUSA, Customer Service, Technology

So I dash to CompUSA to pick up a replacement hard drive for the ThinkPad of All Evil(tm) over my lunch hour today.

Have already price-checked comparable drives on a host of websites, but have decided that getting it into my greedy little hands today is worth the difference in price.

Ok, first problem. I couldn’t find said drives on CompUSA’s website (at least not with any of the expected search terms - “Laptop Hard Drive 2.5 inch”), so I physically had to go to the store, to see if they had them.

Second problem. As usual, there are three people in the uniform shirts, trying to avoid eye contact with customers, while probably 30 customers are milling around the store, looking like lost sheep.

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