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Positive Election Results

Ethics, Local, Politics

I’m glad to see that the Election did not devolve down into a mess.   We’ve not heard of any rumors following up on the Obama Birth Certificate controvery, for which I’m glad.

I believe it’s time for everyone to pull together, and work together, to get past the two years of negative campaigning.   

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Doing Something to Help Educate Children

Advocacy, Education, Local

Sarcastic Mom over at Deep South Moms Blog let me know about this.  The Deep South Moms Blog Donors Choose Challenge is a chance to help schools by donating directly to a Public School Classroom Teacher to help meet a specific need.  

Because my beloved is a Teacher, I totally understand the fact that teachers are always looking to be able to do more for their students.  And that they’re always looking for more money to do things with and for their students.   I’ve been a big fan of Donors Choose for a few months now, and I see how they’re providing an easy interface to make a difference.  

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Another One Rides the Bus…

Environment, Local, Petroleum

Nashville MTA

In an effort to work within the constraints of Nashville’s current fuel crisis, I’m experimenting with public transportation.

Today is the first day of the experiment, and the initial experience wasn’t too bad.  Got dropped off at the closest stop to the house, about 1/2 a mile away. 

The bus hove into view at the appointed time, and I boarded and paid my fare with little fanfare or confusion.

There was an accident on the way downtown, that had traffic reduced to 1 lane each way, but the bus managed to squeeze past, and we got downtown without any further excitement.

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The How and Why of the Current Southeastern Gas Shortage

Best Of, Economics, Energy, Local, Petroleum

Updated: 9/29/2008:

Petroleum Pipelines

Petroleum Pipelines

The news headlines are full of the current gasoline shortage, here in Middle Tennessee, with pictures of gas stations desolate, and barren, or with lines stretching off into the distance.  Why is this crisis striking Middle Tennessee, but not Birmingham, or Huntsville, or Atlanta? 

Update: 9/29/2008:

This website shows the ongoing conversation in the oil trading industry, concerning this the fuel shortage, and may provide some insights on why the shortage is spreading.


How Oil Gets to Nashville

Oil gets to Nashville via the Colonial Pipeline, which as you can see by the map is a direct run through the heart of the southeastern United States.  You might also notice that while the pipeline runs through the southeast, it doesn’t run through Tennessee.   That would of course, be due to the Appalacian Mountains.  Thus, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville are all fed on branches of the main pipeline, as shown above.

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WiFi Analysis Part I

Hacking, Internet, Local, Technology, WiFi

Ok, on a recent trip from Alabama to Tennessee, a few of our staff decided it would be interesting to do a scan for any and all wireless networks that were passed on the trip. However this scan did not start until we were around an hour/hour and a half away from our destination.

Here are the results we gathered on our first run up I-65 at around 70mph.

(Please note that more scans will follow and will be done in localized areas at lower speeds).

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BBQ of All Evil

Amusements, Hacking, Local, Music, Relationships

Over the weekend, the crew from All Thats Evil enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the Center for All Evil…

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Ball Room Dancing Around the Issue at the Governor’s Mansion

Economics, Ethics, Local, Politics

[Updated 12/14]

So, here’s the latest deal in Tennessee.

We’re not especially well known for our health care system for indigents, and our education system scores in the bottom 10% of the nation.

But, our devoted governor Phil Bredesen and the charming first lady Andrea Conte have decided that the most important issue for taxpayers to be funding, in this time of tax shortfalls, and economic woe, is a 17,000 square foot Ball Room Dancing Bunker under the Governor’s Mansion’s Lawn.

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Phreaknic 11, Oct. 19th - 21st - Nashville, TN

Amusements, Hacking, Local

Plans are underway for the staff of All That’s Evil to attend the Southeast’s biggest Hacker/Phone Phreak/All Things Geekish Convention.

Join us there, and if you see us, get some A-T-E swag!

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