A Quick Thought About iTunes and Public Schools


I received a call over the weekend from my sister who, being 6 years and change younger than me and still in the public school system, was given an assignment by a teacher to read a book and do a report about it.

Sounds easy right? Well the book the teacher assigned for the class to do the project on is long since out of print. Not only was it out of print, but her school’s library had no record of it, nor did the public library.

So I receive a panic stricken phone call from my sister who informs me that she has spent all of the time the teacher gave them, save for the remaining bit of weekend, trying in vain to get a copy of the book so she could do her project that was worth 1/4 of her final grade.

She calls me, and asks if I have ever heard of the book or if I have a copy. I had never heard of the book, and as I’m writing this the name escapes me, but told her I bet I could find it for her.

A few minutes later I’m reading her the title of the book and the name of the author, as well as the synopsis that would normally be on the back cover, from none other than the audiobook section of the iTunes store. Needless to say my sister was excited at the prospect of not failing her class due to the lack of the book, and upon confirming that this was in fact the right book I bought it from iTunes and summarily sent it to her.

So that’s the stoy for how iTunes saved my sister’s grade. Am I the only one who sees the problems here? If a teacher assigns a book for students to do a project on, they should check to see if the kids can even get a copy of it first. Secondly, I believe this speaks volumes for Apple and iTunes on the whole. So for all parents out there reading this, if a teacher assigns your child a book report, and you can’t find the book at the library or your local bookstore, see if it’s an audiobook on iTunes.

::This Post Written on an iPhone::

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