All That’s Evil is a loose conglomeration of like minded individuals, who believe in the Hacker Ethic, the Hands-On Imperative, and enjoy experimenting with our little corner of reality. 

This blog documents our observations, and some of those experiments.  We are interested in technology, economics, ecology, politics, cooking, and generally exploring the limits of our society, our environment, and our technological systems.

You will find reports here about “The Latest Threat” to your computing infrastructure, analysis of the current economic situation, rants about the conditions in school. 

If you’re reading this particular page then you’re seeing All That’s Evil, rev. 2.0.0, the Word Press years.

We are always looking for like minded folks, who enjoy blogging and  would like to write for us.  If you’re interested in writing for us, drop me an email at root@AllThatsEvil.net.

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