Fuck it All, Fucking No Regrets


A Hatarat Nedarim Ritual from Academy 23


Purpose:  At the end of the ritual, each magician is fully freed from any ritual vows or oaths he has made.  This includes, but is not limited to, vows made to himself, vows made to other people, vows made to magical beings, and vows made to G-d.  The magician emerges bound by nothing, and without any regrets.


Scene: A fire in the center of a circle, marked with candles or stones or etc.  There is a door in the eastern corner.  Each participant receives a piece of matzoh, and a red marker. 


Hierophant: This is the bread of affliction you hold.  It was the bread of slavery in the House of Bondage, and now it is the bread of obligation.  With words of red, it becomes all oaths, all bonds, and all regret.  On Rosh Hashanah, the anniversary of Creation, we are all created anew, released of all bonds, all vows, all oaths.


Hierophant: “Inheritor of a Dying World, we call you into Living Beauty.  Break your bonds, and feed the flames of liberation!  As you do, know that you pledge nothing, are bound by nothing, you are bathed in Nothing as you come into this place!  Repeat!”


Magician: “I pledge nothing!  I am bound by nothing!  I am bathed in Nothing as I come into this space!  As I say it, so do I become!


Hierophant: “Wanderer in the Wild Darkness, you have stepped into the Boundless Light.  When you wander, take this light, Light Without Limit, and Beautify the Dark with Glamour.”


All drink wine and make merry.