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2007 - 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Jason Murnane

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The 2007 - 2011 Total Player Payments Heads of Agreement between the AFL Players' Association (AFLPA) and the Australian Football League (AFL) is a good result for players, fans, clubs and the football industry.

The agreement reached between the Australian Football League (AFL) and the AFL Players' Association (AFLPA) means figures on player payment arrangements for the next five years - (2007 - 2011) are locked in.

AFLPA Chief Executive Brendon Gale welcomed the Heads of Agreement, declaring the deal recognised the contribution players make to the game as well delivering security and stability for players and the football industry alike.

The key elements of the Heads of Agreement include:

  • Five year agreement on player payments and related benefits through to 2011;
  • Increases in the competition-wide Total Player Payments (TPP) of 7.3 % in 2007 and 7.0% in 2008, followed by 3.5%, 3.3% and 3.3% increases in the years 2009-2011, resulting in an overall increase in the salary cap of approximately 25% over the five years;
  • Increase in the minimum wage and prescribed payments for first and second year players of 10% in 2007;
  • Increase in minimum rookie payment of approximately 15% in 2007;
  • $35 million contribution to the AFLPA Player Retirement Account over the term of the agreement;
  • $25 million to support all players with personal services, education and training opportunities and other related health and welfare initiatives over the term of the agreement;
  • AFLPA to provide private health insurance to all current playing members of the AFLPA, and for 12 months following retirement or delistment;
  • Introduction of more than $1 million in prizemoney to be shared by Players representing teams participating in the AFL Finals Series each year;
  • Allocation of approximately $2 million to a Past Player Health and Well Being Fund, for past players experiencing health related hardship;
  • A revenue sharing arrangement that will enable AFL Players to share in AFL net revenues in excess of AFL financial forecasts;

For the five-year period 2007-2011, league wide TPP amounts will total $612.3 million, with a further $117.4 million to be paid to players via Additional Services Agreements and Allowances; Player Retirement Funds ($35 million) AFLPA Player Development and Welfare Funds ($25.4 million), Premiership Prizemoney ($5.5 million) and Player Marketing Payments ($1 million).

The Total Player Payment figures over the agreements life are as follows:

2007 - $111.1 million ($6,943,750 per club)
2008 - $118.9 million ($7,431,250 per club)
2009 - $123.3 million ($7,706,250 per club)
2010 - $127.4 million ($7,962,500 per club)
2011 - $131.6 million ($8,225,000 per club)

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