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Player™ 2.1 - Free Download (1.5MB) - New Version!!
Utilities and converters
Google Earth/Sketchup File Importer

Google SketchUp

Google Earth
Google Earth

Google Earth and Google Sketchup file import (KML/KMZ/Collada to X3D) is now integrated with our new Studio 2.1, available for download to your left.

Our old importer, KML2X3D, is no longer available for download.
3D Studio Max exporter - Free Download

Studio Max to Converter
Open source export utility by Dave A for converting Autodesk 3ds Max files into Studio-ready X3D.
Maya exporter (aka Rawkee) - Free Download
Maya to Converter
Open source (LGPL) plug-in for Autodesk's Maya to convert files into Studio-ready X3D.

Unreal level exporter - Free Download
Unreal to Converter
Another great utility by Dave A. that converts Unreal game levels to X3D.











The new Player 2.1 is a high performance Web browser plug-in for viewing and interacting with Web 3D (X3D) content and virtual worlds. This version is for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, Internet Explorer and Firefox. OS X and Linux versions are in the works. JavaScript enabled.

This Player is deprecated, you can get our latest Player at (link in the footer)

Player 2.1
has great new features including support for streaming media (mp3, wmv, avi, mpg video) and layer support for game-like heads up displays. For a complete list of new features in Player 2.1, go here.

Player 2.1 is free for personal and academic use.

Make 3D virtual content and worlds

Studio™ 2.1 - Free Download (10MB) - New Version!!


The new Studio 2.1 is a powerful modeling and animation application for creating real-time Web 3D (X3D) content and virtual worlds on the Web. MS Windows XP and Vista version.

Studio 2.1 has many new features including: Google Earth/Sketchup 3D file import; Extruded text; Avatar Studio 2.0 support; Smart object editor; Javascript editor.

For a complete list of new features, see the Feature List page. For documentation and tutorials, go to the wiki.


Earlier versions of Studio were known as Vizx3D and Spazz3d. Studio 2.1 is free for personal and academic use.


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