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Beneath Aucellis Park

A Free Star Wars Mini-Adventure for Any Era

In this Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure, the heroes are on the trail of a smuggler and "death merchant" who leads them to Aucellis Park, a thrill-a-minute tourist trap of spectacular rides and glitzy attractions. But something else is going on at the park, and if the heroes aren't careful, they'll lose more than their credits . . .

"Beneath Aucellis Park" is a Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure for four heroes of 7th to 9th level. While the adventure is written for the Rebellion era, it can easily be modified to work in any time period.

If its promotional literature is to be believed, Aucellis Park is "a panoply of delights, a thrill-a-minute experience that will leave your family wanting to return again and again!" If you believe its detractors, the park is little more than a tourist trap designed to wheedle, cajole, swindle, and do everything short of actually extort credits from individuals who are lured in by promises of wholesome fun at a reasonable price. The park boasts a variety of rides, ranging from the heavy-gravity "Well of Darkness" to the zero-g "Time's Radiance" low-orbit shuttle hop and everything in between. There are also games, overpriced concessions, souvenirs that break (by design) within three days of purchase, and a variety of costumed individuals who are all part of the overall theme of the park - Emo Aucellis.

Aucellis was an explorer and historian, and the park chronicles his life and work in a much more interesting and exciting fashion than it was likely lived. All of the rides, holovids, and other attractions are designed to evoke heightened emotional states. For the most part, they succeed. The park is well constructed and well run.

It also has a rather unpleasant dark secret -- one the heroes may discover when they track a known smuggler to the park.

Download "Beneath Aucellis Park" (209k .zip file)

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