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::Cherry Miel::

There is only one dub of the original Cutie Honey outside of Japan. In France, under the name Cherry Miel. It was released in 1988, with the opening song changed, almost all names changed, and some minor editing.
::Name changes::
Kisaragi Honey/Cutie Honey to
Cherry Miel
Hayami Danbei to
Dan Tatami
Hayami Seiji to
Serge Tatami
Hayami Junpei to
John Tatami
Sister Jill to
Alphonne to
Tsuneni Miharu to
Mrs. Adolf (!!)
Aki Natsuko to
Kisaragi Takeshi to Prof. Kitagari

Voice Cast::
Virginia Ogouz as Cherry Miel (eps. 1-6)
Virginia Mery as Cherry Miel
Yves Maurin as Serge
Francis Lax as John, Dan, Prof. Kitagari
Monique Thierry as Panther Zora, Alphonsine
Evelyne Grandjean as Drastyca, Mrs. Adolf

Other Info::
Aired: August 31 1988 to February 15 1989
Theme Sung by: Bernard Denimal
Licensed by: Club Dorothee
Aired on: TF1
::My Thoughts::

Cherry Miel aired on TF1, 15 years after it was premiered in Japan. After searching high and low I finally found a few copies online. The changes done in the dub are actually a bit shocking! Almost every character had a name change, most of them being pretty silly. (Dan Tatami? Mrs. Adolf?!) All of Honey's attacks were changed to reflect her French name (Honey Flash to Cherry Miel Flash). Honey is always referred to as Cherry Miel, no matter what form she's in.

The music is retained, for the most part. The only real music edit is in episode 1. The scene where
Yogiri no Hanii (Foggy Night of Honey) plays is muted.

The voice acing is TERRIBLE! Honey was the only character with a decent voice. Junpei and Naojiro were the worst.

Although the original BGM was retained, the opening/ending songs were not. The new opening
Cherry Miel by Bernard Denimal is just terrible.The song has a very girly tune to it, and does not fit the opening animation!

There were some edits made. Most of them aren't for content So all the nudity and violence is still there. The only edits were the title cards and eyecatchers. However, some scenes leading to the eyecatchers were also cut. (Ex: The final scene to episode 13) All the cuts are sloopy,  you can even hear the audio skip.

There was one major cut during the last episode. After a happy reunion with the Hayami Family, Junpei decides to heat up the moment by groping Honey! Honey blushes, makes a hilarious face, and the scene changes to everyone driving off. A really strange cut, given everything else the Cherry Miel dub left in.
The cut scene:
"hehehe!" "Ah! Iya! Yamatte!" Smile of a cutie.