Genealogy Unit Lesson

The purpose of this unit is designed to incorportate a host of innovative strataegies that are not often possible in a tradition leaning environment (i.e. creatiave writings in various forms, intergenerational learning, national and international collaborative research). This is an interdisciplinary unit incorporting skills and types of writing learned in Language Arts; Social Studies through the geography and history found in research of different countries and geographical regions; Reading; Computer Science; and the use of the Internet as a research source.

Many of the goals of this unit are requirements of the 7th grade curriculum. Students will be conducting research and learning how to cite the information found on the Internet. Students will also be exposed to various forms of literature including essays, short stories, and possibly, a novel. Part of the writing for the unitl will include short biographies, a short autobiography, a brief history of the country of origin, a narrative, letters, and queries.

Each student is given a packet about the unit which will contain copies of the forms to be used, the notebook requirements, and the project options. The packet contains the following:


All of the above material should be typed or written in black ink, except for the Family Group Sheets - these are used as worksheets and information contained may change as your research continues. You should remeber at all times that what you are doing can become an heirloom and thus, a part of your family history.