Alexey Aleksandrov

I met Alexey early in childhood. His mother, Lyudmila Alexeyevna Aleksandrova, was my kindergarten teacher. He often came there, and we played football together. That is how me met.

We lived in neighboring buildings, and since our families were friends since I was five. We visited them several times a week. I, of course, went because of 'Lokha', since whenever he showed up things got happy, interesting, and we would always do something. One could not get through the holidays without him - he would perform magic tricks, drawings, and contests. He charged up people with his positive energy. I have never met a more buoyant, cheerful person.

He was attentive to all around him, courteous with older people, and gallant with the ladies (he taught me to take a lady's coat upon arrival and to be polite - and this was when he was but 14 years old), he always rescued and helped others. He was a hard-working person. I remember how on our school holiday we worked on city improvement projects together. He always helped his mother around the house.

Alexey loved his mother very much. On March 8th, her birthday, he always gave her something. If he did not buy something, then he would make something surprising for her. Every holiday was special to him. In many of his qualities he remains to this day the person I hold up as my example.

At 15 he entered the trade school for becoming a pastry chef. He loved this job, and at home would experiment in the kitchen.

At 18 Alexey got his draft notice. He was one of the few who wanted to join the army, to fulfill his duty to the nation, to become a real man, a defender of the fatherland (I am repeating his words). He was very worried when there were some problems with his call-up.

We saw him off to the army with tears in our eyes, but he was happy. He served in the strategic rocket forces in the city of Mirny (in the Barnaul district). Oh, how he made his mother happy when he sent her a videocassette. There he was, a soldier, sitting with the boys, so happy and playing on the guitar, sending his greetings and, of course, saying that all was well, and the "de-mob" was soon.

Two years passed unnoticed, but what a joy the meeting was! 'Alyosha' came home on my mother's birthday. We were at his family's house, everyone was gathered together, and then there was a ring at the door. I opened up and I see flowers and simply could not believe my eyes - 'Lokha' was standing there! He always loved surprises.

After the army began a new, adult, conscientious life. Alexey took culinary courses by correspondence, and then went to work in a restaurant. We had been there before, since it was on our way to school.

He was an open person who drew others to him. Someone reminded me how on the very first day of meeting him, they invited him to a wedding. He had not been working at his job long, and already all his coworkers were going to visit him at his dacha. And so passed two and a half years.

He was a person who had many plans and ambitions, and, more importantly, Alexey made them happen. Who knows what he could have done if things had turned out otherwise.

I think that, not just in my heart, but also in the hearts of all those who knew 'Losha', he will remain a bright, kind, and sympathetic person. He loved life, and every moment of it, with all his heart.

Written by Sergey Savelev, his friend.

I had wanted another son, and was very anxiously awaiting him. I thank God that he sent such a person to me. I was never ashamed of him.

He grew up sociable and cheerful, and loved his brother. I always told my sons: "a brother with a brother is strong". My husband died young, when Alyosha was but a year and eight months. My sons always helped me out. Alyosha told me: "Mamochka, I don't begrudge you a thing." And now help goes away from him.

Alexey wanted to become a real man, and entered the army happily. He completed his service successfully. After the army he worked as a cook and studied at the culinary college. Later he wanted to enter the Plexanovsky institute and study English and work as a chef on cruise ships. He wanted to see the world. He was also an avowed fisherman, and knew every reservoir in our region.

More than anything, Alyosha wanted to meet a nice girl and start a family. And his dream came true. He said: "There really are such girls!" After two dates he invited Yulia to that musical.

They say that just before death a person is happy. He passed while asleep.

Written by Lyudmila Aleksandrova, his mother. 1