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Kurt Cobain Joins “Guitar Hero 5″: How Nirvana Came to the Game

8/27/09, 2:04 pm EST

Photo courtesy of Activision

Today, Activision has confirmed that a Kurt Cobain character will be playable in Guitar Hero 5 (out September 1st), alongside Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, Shirley Manson of Garbage and Matt Bellamy of Muse. Two Nirvana tracks, Nevermind’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a live version of “Lithium,” from their 1992 headlining slot at England’s Reading festival, also join the game’s set list, a first for the seminal band that defined the grunge era. “Kurt Cobain is one of the most recognizable frontmen in rock & roll history,” reads a statement released this morning, “and it’s an honor to have two of Nirvana’s masterpieces included in Guitar Hero 5.”

Look back at Cobain’s remarkable career in photos, interviews, reviews and more from the RS archives.

The licensing deal had been in the works for years, but Activision’s Vice President of Music Affairs Tim Riley is still pinching himself. ” ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is a song that we’ve had at the top of our wish list ever since I came to Guitar Hero,” he tells Rolling Stone from his office in Santa Monica. “So it’s been a while.”

Look back at Cobain’s rare photos, artwork and journal entries.

Indeed, securing the proper approvals was no small feat. Not only did Cobain’s widow Courtney Love have to sign off on behalf of the estate, so did former drummer Dave Grohl and Primary Wave Publishing, which administers the Nirvana catalog. “There’s a lot of moving parts to something like this,” Riley explains. “But it was about timing, not an issue of resistance. We almost did it for World Tour, but we couldn’t get it together. Then after three years of working with the different parties, it was like the perfect storm.”

Naturally, Love did have some concerns. Namely, Cobain’s physique, Riley reveals. “Courtney supplied us with photos and videos and knew exactly what she wanted Kurt to look like,” he says. “She picked the wardrobe and hair style, which turned out to be the ‘Teen Spirit’ look, then we went back and forth over changes — some subtle, some not so subtle.” In column B? Love’s reference to the Greek God Adonis, whose youthful good looks made the male deity an object of desire. “She certainly had a physical image in mind,” says Riley. “She wanted him to have that sort of athletic definition but not overly so.” And while Love has long had a reputation for being difficult, Riley’s experience was anything but. “She was actually great to work with,” he says. “She got back with comments pretty quickly.” For more on the character on Cobain’s avatar’s shirt (Daniel Johnston’s frog Jeremiah), click here.

Nirvana: the photo gallery.

Of course, authenticity is the name of the rhythm game, and in that sense, Guitar Hero’s decision to include the Reading rendition of “Lithium” was an apt choice (original stems from the album version could not be found). Fans may recall that the 1992 show kicked off with Cobain being rolled out onstage in a wheelchair — a response to rumors of his ill health and the band’s possible breakup — and has since been hailed as one of their best live performances.

Nirvana joins a reported 83 artists whose songs appear on GH5, including fellow ’90s rockers Sublime, Blur, Sunny Day Real Estate and Sonic Youth. And with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band just around the corner, Activision is already looking ahead to its next product: Band Hero, a more family-friendly, pop version of the game that’s rated E10-Plus and will feature characters of Taylor Swift and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. It’s slated for release at the end of the fall. But for now, Riley is just taking in this latest achievement. “I’m still kind of freaked out to be playing a Nirvana song,” he says. “I’m so excited just to be talking about it. We were able to pull it off and it’s cool to acknowledge that finally.”

Watch Cobain’s avatar rocking “Smells Like Teen Spirit” here:

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PK | 8/30/2009, 5:55 pm EST

I dont know why ppl love Nirvana !

TobyTyler | 8/30/2009, 2:57 pm EST

Hi, how are you?

Semblance | 8/30/2009, 12:14 pm EST

Watching this clip just killed a part of my childhood.

Fickle | 8/30/2009, 7:48 am EST

dosent look like kurt cobain at all. Looks like stephen baldwin with long hair

Well... | 8/29/2009, 9:05 pm EST

I think speaking and thinking for a dead man could be argued as equally disrespectful. Who knows what 40-yr old Kurt would have thought about this? GH is marketed to kids, encourages music participation, has driven renewed interest in kids playing real guitar. All good reasons to believe KC may have approved. Also in today’s music environment, it’s an excellent way to re-introduce music from 1991 to kids born after. I just think we’re all a little to quick to jump on every new Nirvana product as a “sell-out”. To be frank, the last thing KC was worried about when he left us was in what way and by whom his “legacy” would be managed.

brutal | 8/29/2009, 3:22 pm EST

yeah really, Ninja Turtles pies were AWESOME!!! i agree about the kirk hammett model ESP guy not understanding Nirvana.

The last post | 8/29/2009, 3:20 pm EST

Must have been written by someone who owns a esp guitar and tries to play Metallica “blackened” solo’s while eating ninja turtle pies. What a waste.

kurt blows | 8/29/2009, 2:58 pm EST

Dave Grohl was the only real talent in Nirvana!!! Cobain was a cry baby and couldnt handle himself. Grohl’s talent walks circles around Kurt

Sammy | 8/29/2009, 10:33 am EST

I disagree with it being a “bad move” by the Guitar Hero franchise. In fact, in my opinion, it’s a great move. However, I will say that Kurt probably wouldn’t have approved of it if he were still alive. I think he was one of the few artists who genuinely wanted his/their music to speak for itsself, and would have avoided all public appearances if it were at all possible. I don’t condone it, but what can you do? No one is being forced to buy the game, and if you don’t approve, don’t support. ‘Tis a new generation, friends.

Read-Icculus | 8/29/2009, 8:42 am EST

I think this is read-icculus.

“The explosive success of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ made Nirvana rich and famous, so it was the likely culprit for Kurt Cobain, known for his anti-corporate slacker stance, to get sick of. He is quoted as calling the song a “sell-out” and told Rolling Stone that it was “almost an embarrassment to play it … Everyone has focused on that song so much.”"

do a search for for “i hate my hit”

Kurt would have been appalled. Way to go pissing on the ideals of the deceased you are making money from.

Kurt was Murdered | 8/29/2009, 3:00 am EST

…and Courtney Love is cashing in what she has left…

Lamonte | 8/29/2009, 12:20 am EST

first of all i’d like to say i’m african american i listen to gucci mane cash money lupe shit like that hard core hip hop but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee nirvana with all my heart ever since i was five and i seen the juke box in pizza hut with an album with a naked baby in a pool on the front of it. I feel where my real nirvana fans are coming from on this whole situation but come on people just think its been one of the saddest summers ever. why because michael jackson died. now weather on purpose or not that really depressed alot of people. were post to rejoice for our fallen soilders. hendrix was on guitar hero kurt can have his shine. besides i personally would love to see a guitar hero nirvana. better yet rock band nirvana. however we all know this would not happen but just think wouldn’t that be the best guitar hero or rock band ever? personally i’d play that one forever. fuck i might just play teen spirit forever on the new gh. nirvana forever till i reach mine!

damit courtnet | 8/28/2009, 10:42 pm EST

kurt just spun in his grave

Black Hole Sun | 8/28/2009, 8:31 pm EST

Normally I’d say this is a good way to introduce a new generation to Nirvana the same way Beatles Rock Band is doing, but I do admit there is a creepy factor involved in this particular case. I’m not speaking for Kurt, and I don’t know how he would feel about this if he were alive today, I mean we all know Kurt circa 1992 would go ballistic over the idea of being a video game character, but he would’ve been 42 years old today and who knows if he would be more lighthearted about this. But reading Courtney’s involvement in this makes it feel so…wrong. Trying to make him look like a jock, I mean come on. That’s going against everything he stood for. He wasn’t a jock or a nerd or anything you can put a label on, he was Kurt. I agree with Cheesecrop, wtf? and J, the idea of Kurt or other famous dead musicians being “digitalized” into a video game is just weird and creepy. I don’t mind this being done with bands in which all the members are still alive, cause you know that’s what they want, and the Beatles are a special case, but besides that it should stop there. Include the songs in GH and RB and that’s about it.

Thief in the Orchard | 8/28/2009, 8:01 pm EST

Kurdt, commence rolling in your grave man. So sorry this could not be stopped.

madeleine | 8/28/2009, 7:23 pm EST

Jeez! Leave Kurt alone! Stop using his name for making money anymore. Miserable! What is more miserable is people pays for these sh.t call themselves as Nirvana fans.

Anti Hero | 8/28/2009, 6:32 pm EST

No doubt about it, Kurt was a guitar hero but I don’t think Kurt would have approved of this if he was still alive.
Also, why is Kurt in his Unplugged in New York sweater?
They should have used the brown/green striped shirt from the smells like teen spirit video.
Overall I think this was a bad move by Guitar Hero!

Really? | 8/28/2009, 6:02 pm EST

Is it necessary to cash in on every dead person to hit the airwaves?
I recall that two days after Michael Jackson’s death I had to watch numerous commercials advertising $50 posters of his face.
Is it a universal TREND to soak as much money out of dead people as we possibly can?
I agree with “WTF”, I do see in the near future vocal rarities such as Layne Stayley to be cashed in on.
It disgusts me that you’d let the likes of Courtney Love work on this project.
Of course she’d but every ounce of what she wanted into the formation of a digital Cobain.
Sure it’s just a video game, but the “wedding ring” and the “buff appearance” would have Kurt turning over in his grave.
I cannot speak for him, but that is just what I think.
Stop cashing in on the dead.
Let them be.

Haha! | 8/28/2009, 5:58 pm EST

tommystinsonrules, Kurt did have a wedding ring in this outfit from Unplugged because it was in 1993,not around Teen Spirit era, a year after he was married, so yes,it makes sense he is wearing the wedding ring. Not sure why Courtney would put him in the Unplugged outfit.

Haha! | 8/28/2009, 5:55 pm EST

Is it possible to sell-out when you are dead?…I guess in this world we can make it happen. I love these awesome comments you guys are posting. Ok, let’s make fun of Kurt Cobain; the last GREAT rock star. While you guys listen to your Jonas Brothers and Paramore, because well, they are just awesome right!!! People who say Cobain or Nirvana are overrated, well they are dead wrong. If they knew anything about music, they would shut up. Nirvana changed music, no matter what way you look at it.Would Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam and Bush be as big as they were/are without the success of Nevermind?? So stop being little cynical bastards about Cobain who by the way, made great music, way more original than the artists out there today.Keep an open mind…

E-man | 8/28/2009, 5:09 pm EST

I wonder if his special feature is that he gives up in the middle.

Reese | 8/28/2009, 4:59 pm EST

He doesn’t look dirty enough. Where’s the stink lines?

Anonymous | 8/28/2009, 4:45 pm EST

Too soon.

norma | 8/28/2009, 4:22 pm EST

His mouth looks funny. Way too large, lips too big. Just doesn’t look like ‘im at all.

Fuff | 8/28/2009, 3:58 pm EST

He looks comatose. It’s a shame, when a potentially awesome frontman is introduced that make it look like he just crawled out of his grave.

wtf? | 8/28/2009, 3:46 pm EST

John Lennon and George Harrison, Kurt Cobain…..hell, let’s just cash in on all the dead people while we’re at it! Guitar Hero 6! Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Les Paul, Janis Joplin, Ian Curtis, Jeff Buckley, Layne Staley, Keith Moon, John Entwhistle, John Bonham, Freddie Mercury, Cliff Burton, Jerry Garcia, Elvis Presley, Joey Ramone, Frank Zappa…..

Why do you tell... | 8/28/2009, 2:48 pm EST

…people what to do? Oh this question is for the “guitarist” that always show up on these boards and tell people what they should be doing. “Put down the game and pick up an instrument,” blah, blah, blah. So should kids, teens, adults not listen to music, has playing guitar hero been proven to stymie creativity? Because when I was a kid, long before I became a guitarist myself, and waaaayyyy long before guitar hero, I used to listen to music for hours a day dreaming of playing guitar. Those thousands of hours spent doing nothing other than sitting and listening did not stop me from becoming a guitarist. I can’t imagine how blown away I would be if I had had this as a kid! Also being exposed to so many different types of music in the course of an evening that I may have not heard otherwise. I wish!

This is still music!!! This is still the same art, yet accessable now. I would bet that this game has found its way into more than one persons hand that all they did was play video games, and upon playing something like this it turned them on to music and guitars and on.

So just because you may play a real guitar dont think you have reached some higher plain of consciencness than some kid playing video games, and that you have the answer for them.

Life is a process different for everyone, let it be.

tommystinsonrules | 8/28/2009, 12:32 pm EST

Funny, I don’t remember Kurdt having a WEDDING RING circa “Teen Spirit.”

Also, the idea that Courtney insisted he be represented as the buff, jock idol that he detested is just beyond me…

We should have all known when the stories came up about her spilling Kurdt’s ashes all over airport security how little actual concern she would have for his legacy.

so lame | 8/28/2009, 12:23 pm EST

oh so lame

Jack | 8/28/2009, 12:17 pm EST

He was a great musician, but a great guitarist?, come on, he was just average

nines | 8/28/2009, 12:00 pm EST

ha ha. all those people whinging about accuracy of the instrument should chill out cause its just a game.(its not really kurt cobain living in a game) also i reckon kurt would probably laugh his ass off- he liked computer games i read..

notvana | 8/28/2009, 11:51 am EST

The dream has officially died.

melon | 8/28/2009, 11:37 am EST


uhhh | 8/28/2009, 9:52 am EST

coolio try derek trucks

uhhh | 8/28/2009, 9:50 am EST

robroe the reason the guitar is different is because Guitar Hero doesn’t have a fender license so they can’t show an exact replica of a jag-stang they have to make it look different to avoid a lawsuit

I don’t think Kurt would have wanted this

Cut | 8/28/2009, 9:29 am EST

Looks cool to me, “robroe”…you are a complete loser. Game is suppose to be fun, who cares if it is the correct guitar.

he would | 8/28/2009, 9:08 am EST

be rolling over in his grave
it’s sick and wrong
your video gaming minds are the reason humans are on their way out

pretend you’re an artist and get intoxicated from it

fucking yuck, humanity

Yup | 8/28/2009, 5:33 am EST

Wow, this is fucking lame possibly even worse than Johnny Cash in this game. Hmm, how about Ian Curtis in Rock Band? How about Charles Manson? Yup that’d be cool too!

Chris | 8/28/2009, 3:49 am EST

It looks like Kurt with dentures.

Bobby | 8/28/2009, 2:30 am EST

Courtney Love just LOOOVES to milk her dead husband for all he’s worth…too bad Kurt wasn’t alive long enough to get the DIVORCE he wanted…oh wait you don’t know about that?

esteban | 8/28/2009, 1:16 am EST

finally i have been wanting this for a long time it’s so awesome

robroe | 8/28/2009, 1:05 am EST

LOOK AT THE GUITAR! JAG-STANG GUITARS DON’T HAVE TELECASTER HEADSTOCKS. does Fender even know this is coming out? the guitar is completely wrong. you would think if they went to all the detail on his clothes, they would at least design the guitar correctly. this game is about guitars right? not period correct sweaters.

Aerial | 8/28/2009, 12:43 am EST

You missed the shocker hidden at the start of the text. SHIRLEY MANSON a guitar hero? That’s the best they could do? My grandma plays better guitar than Shirley. Sheesh.

J | 8/27/2009, 11:40 pm EST

Hey, calm down, “No Krist?” - Of course Krist would have had to give his approval (on the music) for this too. All three of them have equal share in Nirvana LLC. Plus, I remember Courtney bitching in the lawsuit in 2002 that Dave always yields to whatever Krist wants to do anyway (because Dave does feel its more Krist’s band), so Krist must have been on board with the decision to license the music. It’s just that I guess they gave Dave a mention because “he’s a celebrity”. It’s sloppy journalism to ignore Krist, but hey, that’s what Rolling Stone is about - sloppy journalism.

Anyway, I loved Nirvana and I miss Kurt’s genius, but this seems wrong to me. I think Kurt would have hated this. I’m okay with the songs being in the game (you suck, GH - RB is way ahead of you on great music), but the image of Kurt in the game is wrong.

Anonymous | 8/27/2009, 11:34 pm EST

This is a travesty. If where alive today this would have never happened.

Charles | 8/27/2009, 11:10 pm EST

Thre is good music today just not good mainstream music like backthen and for the guy who wants indie bands…
start with white stripes, early arctic monkeys, the libertines, hell even kings of leon if you want…

miley who? | 8/27/2009, 10:28 pm EST

i have said it again and will reiterate my comment……get a REAL guitar and learn how to play.stop jerking off with a machine cuz you don’t know what your missing. 3 chords and an attitude is all you need!!!

? | 8/27/2009, 9:06 pm EST

Why is he wearing his Unplugged in New York outfit during a supposed arena rock show? Couldn’t have gone with one of his cooler looks from ‘94? And why is his guitar so low and without a strap?

david | 8/27/2009, 7:49 pm EST

i dont understand why kurt is in the game.. the game is supposed to be GUITAR HERO. He was an ok guitarist but def. not a hero. Hate me if u want, but people normally praise people after they are dead.

Raw Power | 8/27/2009, 7:22 pm EST

Will there be a Remington Cobalt Blue ARA .30 gauge peripheral that hooks up to the PS3 / WII / XBox 360 so you can blow your head off at the end of the each Nirvana song?


wow | 8/27/2009, 7:12 pm EST

This just proves how out of touch with music the folks at Activision are. If they knew anything they’d realize that fans would be pissed off about this. Rock Band really went in depth with the alt-rock and Guitar Hero’s been playing catch-up ever since.

Cheesecrop | 8/27/2009, 7:02 pm EST

First off, I have never played any of these rock & roll games, so I’m not the expert in regards to the game itself. That out of the way, there is something about this that I cannot put my finger on, but I know it feels creepy. People like Cobain, Hendrix, etc., never could have seen a world like this. There was some truly great music made by some truly great artists in the past, and to see it reduced to a bunch of key presses and digitized lights & effects on a video game console just doesn’t seem right.

I know I’ll probably get a pile of people saying I’m out of it, but it’s just strange seeing these people electronically reincarnated as video game characters.

fuckin' stupid. | 8/27/2009, 7:00 pm EST

epic fail. i hope these guys rot in hell. backlash!

Ugh... | 8/27/2009, 6:59 pm EST

If I never hear Smells like Teen Spirit again I’ll have lived a good life.

Arch Stanton | 8/27/2009, 6:35 pm EST

Cobain is GOD….

Whoa Smelly | 8/27/2009, 6:29 pm EST

A video game is just as much fantasy as reality. Calm down, Starbucks addix.

Greek God Adonis | 8/27/2009, 6:15 pm EST

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that’s laughable… Kurt hated himself out of the pressure of being turned into an idol… an image… and now they turn him into exactly what he despised? A jock? an athletic build. holy christ. What next? Billy Corgan as an Olympian? you’ve got to be kidding me. what a joke.

what the fuck? | 8/27/2009, 6:02 pm EST

Hey what the fuck? Where are the guitar straps? Or is that a cool magic trick cobain is pulling off? This whole fucking lame ass vicarious rock band shit is so fucking stupid. Pick up a fucking instrument and start a band or go back to playing zelda. Fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. And rolling stone… GET OFF YOUR ASSES, GET AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER SCREENS, AND GO FIND SOME GOOD FUCKING MUSIC. Get the nerd out of ya at a fuckin rock concert.

STFU | 8/27/2009, 6:00 pm EST

dumb fuckheads keep ruining legends

Slimer | 8/27/2009, 5:56 pm EST

Or humor. Apology accepted.

WTF?!?!? | 8/27/2009, 5:51 pm EST

Sorry, but it’s hard to detect sarcasm in text, sheesh.

Slimer | 8/27/2009, 5:43 pm EST

It is a joke. I am making a joke that it would be funny to see left-handed guitar players as right-handed in the game, thereby mocking their attention to detail. Got it now?

@No Krist? | 8/27/2009, 5:16 pm EST

Krist has a weekly column on the seattleweekly website.

fuck guitar hero | 8/27/2009, 5:07 pm EST

this is so sad

WTF?!?! | 8/27/2009, 5:02 pm EST

Paul is a leftie in the game too, don’t know which version of Rock Band you were looking at.

yep | 8/27/2009, 4:47 pm EST

I agree that starting in the late ’90s music officially began to suck, but the ’00s are most DEFINITELY the worst decade in music. At least the first few years in the ’90s were tolerable, but the same cannot be said about any year from 2000 to 2009. Sub-par pop and rap music have been dominating the charts and airwaves all decade long, and you would think that with declining music sales record execs would change their ways and start signing acts that actually have something new to offer.

??? | 8/27/2009, 4:45 pm EST

Kurt was even that great of a guitar player to deserve this.

Jeff | 8/27/2009, 4:45 pm EST

I thought heroin hero was a joke from a South Park guess activision liked the idea

Hey Jay | 8/27/2009, 4:44 pm EST

Obviously, for you, this was something to blog about.

Slimer | 8/27/2009, 4:40 pm EST

Thank you for stating the obvious about Kurt being a left-handed guitar player. What I said was a joke. Kind of like Paul McCartney or Jimi Hendrix being designed in the game as right-handed.

No Krist? | 8/27/2009, 4:34 pm EST

Why isnt Krist Noveselic involved in Nirvana decisions? HE and Kurt founded Nirvana. Not Courtney Love or Dave Grohl. That’s BS, man. That dude could play the bass like a mad man. How about a feature on how his life is now? What’s going on with his involvement with politics and getting the electoral vote revoked or whatever? I need some Noveselic news DAMNIT! Get on that RS!

jay | 8/27/2009, 4:31 pm EST

looks nothing like him at all except the stupid wardrobe of his, I agree with the comment about showing him post shotgun blast or maybe on the floor ODing, now that would be something to blog about

john | 8/27/2009, 4:13 pm EST

coolio - the 90s werent really any better. aside from its first couple years I would actually call it much much worse than this decade. 95-97 was definately one of the worst periods in music.

WTF?!?!? | 8/27/2009, 4:05 pm EST

Kurt was never ugly, how come they make him look ugly in the game? What kind of pictures did Courtney supply them with? Look at the Beatles in Rock Band, NONE of the band members look weird, they all look as much as their real-life counterparts as possible. And Kurt was a very emotional performer in real life, but he looks dead (no pun intended) in the game. All wrong. Who were the retards that designed this?

P.S., Coolio, check out Muse, they’re pretty awesome, and they’re not a bland indie band. You won’t be disappointed, especially when they perform live. Slimer, Kurt was a leftie, that’s the ONLY thing the game designers got right.

Jackie Krrr | 8/27/2009, 3:59 pm EST

I’m waiting for The Beatles Rock Band. This and that Van Halen game look lame-o.

Eric Swartz | 8/27/2009, 3:45 pm EST

Who is Kurt Cobain?

Coolio | 8/27/2009, 3:43 pm EST

Enough with Kurt Cobain already. Yeah, he was awesome. Nirvana is obviously tremendous. But unless there is unreleased songs about to come out, how about you limit his pub where there is no actual news.

Oh yeah, the reason you music mags have to jibber jabber on and on about bands where the lead singer or key member died at least 15+ years ago is because current music is stale. The 2000s are probably the worst decade for music since Robert Johnson sold his soul to Satan (maybe everything has been done-no room for innovation).

And to all those young hipsters getting ready to spout off the current trendy indie bands that are good, that I’m a moron for not knowing about, let me tell you one goddamn thing…I’m ready to listen to your opinion. I need something new to listen to.

Troof | 8/27/2009, 3:32 pm EST

I don’t know about anyone else, but there is quite a thrill when you get to play guitar as your favorite guitar hero. Isn’t that what the game is about? Kurt, Jimi, etc etc would love this.

To Anonymous | 8/27/2009, 3:28 pm EST

What is Kurt’s legacy?

??? | 8/27/2009, 3:20 pm EST

Why would that be cooler?

Anonymous | 8/27/2009, 3:17 pm EST

Don’t you love how Courtney is whoring out Kurt’s legacy?

killtheindustry | 8/27/2009, 3:13 pm EST

It would be cooler if they showed him post shotgun blast all rotting. I’d buy that.

Slimer | 8/27/2009, 3:11 pm EST

Would have been classic if he was right-handed in the game.

Charles U. Farrlley | 8/27/2009, 3:11 pm EST

Most certainly they would have paid Daniel.

I wonder if Kurt would have approved being an avatar in a game.

Brian | 8/27/2009, 2:42 pm EST

Love the Daniel Johnston T-shirt Kurt’s wearing as well, as he used to! I wonder if they needed to get all the permissions for that as well and pay our pal Daniel?

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