Stan's page. My computerprograms and interests.
My name is Stan Arts. I'm 25 years old and live in Holland/the Netherlands. Here you'll find out more about me, and some of my interests.
One of the things I like to do is write computerprogams. I've been doing that since I was eight years old, and it stuck from them on. On this page you can find most of the PC-computerprograms and games that I've written.
Further what else I'd like to mention about anything at all. This page is under construction.
My computerprograms.
(Note. The programs on my pages are Freeware. You are allowed to share them but only in original and unmodified form. (But I would much appreciate it if you take time to write with comments or suggestions.) Further the use of my programs is at your own risk.)
Recent and current projects.
S-chess. My first computerchessprogram(s).
Neurosis. My current and strongest computerchessprogram.
Shape of chaos. My software-rendering 3D world / first person shooter.
Kantklos. My small 3D billiards game. Snooker and carambole.
Longer ago.
Various DOS programs I wrote when I was younger.
About me, and some of my interests.
Latest news.: Released Neurosis 2.0.  Last updated 8 May 2006.
Contact me :  tasteofinsanity81 * yahoo . com
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