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Bernat® Baby Jacquards - Crafting Magic

Bernat® Baby Jacquards is one of the greatest inventions out there. A soft, lightweight, easy care yarn that knits up with a patterned, fair-isle look. Like so many magic tricks, the patterning is just an illusion, good enough to fool the most discerning connoisseur. Add excitement to your projects without adding complication. Bernat® Baby Jacquards is such a big hit that we're introducing four new darling baby shades. The sweet new shades 'magically' create patterns before your eyes - all you have to do is knit or crochet! From garments to blankets to toys and beyond, once you try this yarn you'll be amazed with the possibilities.

NewShadesLogo Baby Jacquards LogoBaby Jacquards
Strawberry Jam
06012 Macaroon
06618 Marmalade
06435 Strawberry Jam
06218 Peppermint
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Free Ruffle Hat Patterns to Knit or Crochet

These ruffled hats in the newest shades of Bernat® Baby Jacquards help keep the shade wherever your little one may roam. The knit ruffle hat, shown on the left in shade 06218 Peppermint, is quick and easy to make, and frames baby's face perfectly. Bernat® Baby Jacquards looks great regardless of if you're knitting or crocheting. The crochet ruffle hat, shown in shade 06435 Strawberry Jam, is huggably adorable.

Knit Ruffle Hat Crochet Ruffle Hat
Knit Ruffle Hat Crochet Ruffle Hat

Bernat® Cottontots, Naturally

We can't stop at jacquards, you have got to check out these new shades of Bernat® Cottontots. Rich shades inspired by nature and matching ombres for vibrant and fun baby garments, blankets, and anything else your mind allows. A convenient worsted weight, Bernat® Cottontots is soft, washable, and a delight to use.

NewShadesLogo Cottontots LogoCottontots
Earth Child
Country Taupe
Country Red
Doll House
91011 Earth Child
90012 Country Taupe
90531 Country Red
91436 Doll House
Country Green
Cottage Colors
Country Blue
Country Pink
90235 Country Green
91104 Cottage Colors
90105 Country Blue
90435 Country Pink
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Free Bernat® Cottontots Patterns to Download

Enjoy these five new free patterns and explore the possibilities with the newest shades of Bernat® Cottontots. Take your favorite solid shade and crochet the Diamond Mesh Blanket. Combine the great new country shades in an inspired blanket or garment. Finally, knit up an adorable Bear Hat in each and every shade!

Diamond Mesh Blanket
      Diamond Mesh Blanket (crochet)
Bear Hat
Stripe Blanket
Striped Jumper
Diamond Blanket
Bear Hat
Stripe Blanket
Striped Jumper
Diamond Blanket

Greetings from Bernat®

My name is Ryan Newell and I am the President of Bernat®. One of the most exciting parts of my job is the reaction I get when friends and relatives see our new yarns. This Fall, I am especially excited about the new shades we are offering in our Bernat® Baby Jacquards and our Bernat® Cottontots. My two daughters just love the look and feel of these yarns and the fact that their outfits are very, very cool. My oldest daughter starts school in less than a month and I can assure you that she is very particular when it comes to choosing her outfits! She is certainly not afraid to tell me when she sees a color or pattern that she doesn't like.

While it is very gratifying to see my daughters enjoying Bernat® yarns, it also comes with a big responsibility. I need to make sure that the yarns being used for my children are of the highest quality and meet the most rigorous safety standards. That's why we follow a detailed step-by-step quality process at Bernat®.

Thank you for your continued support of Bernat® yarns. We look forward to providing you with exciting yarns, colors and patterns for years to come.

Ryan Newell,

With Bernat®, the inspired and inspirational baby yarns keep coming. From Bernat® Baby Jacquards, with its amazing patterning effects to Bernat® Cottontots, the perfect blend of weight, softness, washability, and color, there really is magic in the air.

The Bernat® Design Team

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