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In 1999, several industry leaders came together to form a global, non-profit organization with the goal of driving the adoption of a single worldwide-accepted standard for high-speed wireless local area networking. We are that organization. We are known as the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Today, with more than 300 members from more than 20 countries and growing, common goals still bind us together.

As Wi-Fi networks continue to expand through businesses, homes, and now public hotspots that provide wireless access locations for people on the go, compatibility is critical. The Wi-Fi Alliance develops rigorous tests and conducts Wi-Fi certification of wireless devices that implement the universal IEEE 802.11 specifications. The end result leads to the confidence that both home and enterprise users need to continue to get the most out of Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has completed more than 5,000 product certifications to date. There is more, however, to Wi-Fi Alliance than interoperability. We work to provide Wi-Fi users with the information they need to make decisions about today's Wi-Fi systems. Whether you are a tech-savvy IT director, a security-minded CIO, or a home user intrigued by Wi-Fi possibilities, our aim is to provide the information you need to proceed with confidence and peace of mind.

As the market continues to evolve, so will our efforts. We will continue to test and certify the compatibility of Wi-Fi devices, we will take the lead in initiatives designed to enhance and simplify the user experience, we will provide thought leadership and up-to-date information, and we will continue to promote the standards that reduce costs - all in hopes of helping what was once a futuristic vision of Wi-Fi become a full-fledged reality.

Wi-Fi: 10 Years and Growing Strong

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About the Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global non-profit industry association of hundreds of leading companies devoted to the proliferation of Wi-Fi technology across devices and market segments. With technology development, market building, and regulatory programs, the Wi-Fi Alliance has enabled widespread adoption of Wi-Fi worldwide.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ program was launched in March 2000. It provides a widely-recognized designation of interoperability and quality, and it helps to ensure that Wi-Fi enabled products deliver the best user experience. The Wi-Fi Alliance has completed more than 5,000 product certifications to date, encouraging the expanded use of Wi-Fi products and services in new and established markets.

Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi Alliance®, WMM®, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2)®, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo, the Wi-Fi logo, and the Wi-Fi ZONE logo are registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance; Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, Wi-Fi Protected Setup™, Wi-Fi Multimedia™, and the Wi-Fi Alliance logo are trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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