Here are all the cool games i used to play on the
This is Megaman. he kicks ass, i grew up playing Megaman 2, and i also played megaman 3 and megaman 1. but 2 was the best one. megaman is your basic, jumping, side-scrolling, game. you  defeated 8 bosses, then after you did that you got to go kill Dr Wily, who is the villian who sent the first 8 monsters after you. anyway, the plot is basicly the same in all the megaman games, although, i didn't play any after the 3rd one, so it may differ. but i doubt it. the plot is not important. what is important is that it is a very cool game, and megaman should be cherished by all.
The MM1 evil bosses  are (from left to right): cut man, guts man, ice man, bomb man, fire man and electric man

The MM2 evil bosses are: MetalMan, AirMan, BubbleMan, QuickMan, CrashMan, FlashMan, HeatMan, and WoodMan.

The MM3 evil bosses are: NeedleMan, MagnetMan, GeminiMan, Hardman (heh heh, hard), TopMan, SnakeMan, Sparkman and ShadowMan.

I have NO idea what the MM4 bosses' names are. but that first guy has what looks like a light bulb on his head. maybe he was "IdeaMan" or "LightbulbMan" or "TomasEdisonMan." ha ha ha. I crack me up, I actually think his name is BrightMan. but i think Ideaman would have been funnier. well, i guess I'll just take some guesses: IdeaMan, Granny-smith-appleMan, Soft-serve-ice-creamMan, i think this guy is actually PharohMan, Air-ventMan, PendentMan, SubmarineMan, HolloweenMan (altough I'm sure he's just "skullMan or something)
Me and my sister, S, used to play MM2 all the damn time. we each had our own evil bosses that we got to kill.
MetalMan: you always killed MetalMan first becuase the weapon you got after you killed him was hella good, and very useful. S and I didn't really care who got to kill him, but I think I ended up with the job most of the time. don't you think he looks like a surgeon? with his mouth covered and that thing on hie head. it's soppesed to be a saw blade, but it looks like a light-thing that a surgeon would wear. he also looks like he's disco dancing in that pic.the music in MetalMans level wasn't all that memorable.
FlashMan: Once again, I don't think S or I really cared who killed him, but scnse i got MetalMan, S got FlashMan. his level had floors that were slippy like ice. and it was all blue and flashy. we always killed him right after MetalMan, if you use Maetal Blade on this guy he dies after 2-3 shots.the music was all disco-esque, kind of. i dunno, but it was pretty cool. in the little pic of him he looks like he's giving you the finger, in his close-up he looks like some sort of robo cop.
BubbleMan: I always got to kill BubbleMan. almost all his level is underwater which makes your jumps go really high. but there are deadly spikes on the ceiling so you have to control your jumps. I got to be an expert at it, i did it so many times. the music in his level is pretty damn cool. he looks like a frog in a sailor suit.
AirMan: S always killed this dude. his level involved a whole lot of jumping onto floaty things in the sky. I could kill him too, but S enjoyed it more. I don't remember what his music sounded like, as for his looks, i think we can all see that he resembles a household fan.
WoodMan: I loved woodmans level, going around in the forest killing bats that looked like hanging bowling balls...and more! anyhoo, woodman was damn easy to kill with metal blade. saw+wood=death an all. the music on his level was cool too, I wish i could sing it for you (sigh) woodman looks like a disgruntled goalie made from a tree-stump, or in a tree-stump suit.
QuickMan: S killed this guy. you had to dodge big 'ol rods that came out from the sides of the screen and would kill you instantly. and for one big part you were just falling and dodging. you had to use the time-freeze weapon that you got from flashman to do it, but i think S could sometimes get by without useing it. as i remember, this guy was a bitch to kill. he also looks like he's disco dancing.
CRASHMAN!: This guy is SOOO cool, his level rocks and so does the music. in this level you have to climb a whole bunch of ladders and use Metal blade a whole lot. I am the MASTER of CrashMan, I can kill him the slow way without getting hurt. it's a very difficult thing to do. CrashMan is my favorite man of all. he looks like a monkey.
HeatMan: i always thought he looked like a toaster, or an old fasioned lighter. but I've come to realize that what he most resembles is a waffle iron. S got to kill Heatman, his level was superhard because you had to jump over lava bed things on blocks that disapeared and reapeared in sequence. very difficult. we always did this guy last.
these are links to 2 very good sites on megaman. i suggest you check them both out
what a wonderful game. I beat this game at LEAST 10 times. it was pretty damn cool. you had to go through all these cool levels and caves and stuff. your main weapon was a yoyo, but eventaully you got upgraded to a shooting star thing, then to some other cool yoyo-y thing. I had a blast playing this game, you get to do lots 'o fun stuff like: kill things with a yoyo, a baseball bat, and other fun tools; play a giant piano to crack a code; go in your very own submarine; go on an alien spacecraft; run away from giant balls; jump around; save a dolphin baby; talk to a parrot; navigate through islands; kill these funny looking dodo bird things; and so much more! plus the main dude, mike, looks funny when he jumps.
woohoo, here's Mike in a cave. kill them slugs!
This is a shot of when you're not in a cave, you're just boppin' around an island. this is a very suggestive shot. oh, come on, you see it too! don't lie to me.
Go to this cool startropics page to learn more
Ah, goonies. i don't actually know if goonies 1 even exsists. hmmm....anyhoo, this was another game i played a lot. i think i beat it about 2-3 times. you were this little dude (whose name i have forgotten) and you go around killing things and collecting items and such. whenever you went through a door you could navigate around and hit the walls to try and find treasure. most doors led to another cool level or something. you got to open safes, swim around (but only if you had the fins) try to remember which door was which, and, of course, you got to kill things. your weapon was basicly a yoyo.(what's up with yoyos as weapons?) but you could also use a boomarang or bombs. underwater you got to use a harpoon gun (not as large or exciting as it sounds). it was a cool game that took a while to beat, and the movements of the whole thing (like the snapping of the yoyo) i seem to remember as sort of slow. but still, very fun and cool.
full of yoyo-shooting goodness
this is you niside a room. you got there by going through a door.
ah, the simplistics: go, hit, take, tool.
I'm pretty sure that covers all the NES games i played. S and I watched my bro play dragon warrior 2 a lot. but we just watched, never played.

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