How to tie a Fundoshi

Fundoshi are usually made of cotton 

Width about 6" - 10" Lenght about 92" - 96"

fontoshi1.jpg (62723 bytes) Pull the fundoshi through and under the other side and back the same direction. (see diagram) 

Pull firmly.

fontoshi2.jpg (48582 bytes)
Place one end on your shoulder or grip it with your mouth and let the other end drop to the floor. 

Hold it in place with the other hand.

Wrap the fundoshi around the to secure it.
Hold the fundoshi with one hand and pull the other end and let it run under and between the ass. 

Twist the fundoshi.

Release the other end from your shoulder/mouth and pull it under your ass. 

Pull firmly but not to hard.

Run the twisted fundoshi to the front. 

Pull firmly to secure it around your waist.

Twist and wrap it around the other side of the waist. 

*Note : The back view should have a 'T' shape and not 'Y' shape.(see pic below)


fontoshi3.jpg (25202 bytes)
Back View - Correct way to route fundoshi behind the back.

How it would look

fontoshi4.jpg (76499 bytes) 

Front view of the completed Fundoshi. 

*Note : you should park your 'piece' in a upward position instead of downward.

fontoshi5.jpg (26598 bytes) 

Japanese men in their ceremonial dressing.

Picture exracted from G-Men.


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