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Made up of
60 credit points


This certificate provides evidence of achievement of the entire application development process, from initial design, through scripting, database use, and system performance monitoring.

It is a suitable qualification if you wish to use it for career purposes, if you do not want to complete a full degree or if you want an interim qualification on your way to a full degree.


Planning your studies

If you’re new to study or the OU, we recommend you start with a course at Level 1. For this certificate the ideal preparation would be Design and the Web (T183).

The Certificate in Web Application Development is made up of three Level 2 10-point courses, and three Level 3 10-point courses. It is recommended that these are studied sequentially as each course builds on the skills gained from studying the previous course.

If you wish to complete all six courses in order to obtain the Certificate, you should be aware that this Programme is coming to an end and you should plan to include these courses in your study plan in the near future.

The final presentations of each are as follows:

You can register your intention to study for the certificate when you register for your first course, or you can ask us at any time to link courses that you have already studied towards the certificate. This gives you the flexibility to delay your decision or to change your mind as your studies progress.

There is no time limit for obtaining the required credit points for this qualification. You must include at least 20 points from OU or collaborative scheme courses that have not been counted in any other OU certificate, diploma or first degree you may have been awarded.



For this certificate you require:

60 points from the following compulsory courses:

Level 2 compulsory courses Points Next start
Web applications: design, development and management (TT280)

Explore technical World Wide Web issues from the performance of client-server architecture, to standards and recommendations for the creation and distribution of information.

See full description.

10 Oct 2009
The client side of application development (TT281)

Investigate client-server architectures; techniques around the development of dynamic and responsive interfaces; and legal requirements relating to accessibility, privacy, and software licensing.

See full description.

10 Feb 2010
The server-side of application development (TT282)

This short course is devoted to the server side of web application development and takes a broad look at the entire planning and development process.

See full description.

10 Oct 2009
Level 3 compulsory courses Points Next start
Databases within website design (TT380)

This short course in our Certificate in Web Application Development introduces the basics of database design within websites, and explores the ColdFusion server extension.

See full description.

10 Oct 2009
Open source development tools (TT381)

This course in our Certificate in Web Applications Development introduces the Open Source movement: its origins and aims, and principles of software development and distribution.

See full description.

10 Feb 2010
Web server management, performance and tuning (TT382)

This final course in our Certificate in Web Applications Development explores how server management, performance and tuning contributes to the overall performance of an application.

See full description.

10 Oct 2009


Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of this qualification are described in four areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Cognitive skills
  • Practical and professional skills
  • Key skills

Read more detailed information about the learning outcomes, and how they are acquired through teaching, learning and assessment methods.


Credit for previous study elsewhere

For this qualification, we do not allow you to count credit for study you have already done elsewhere.


On completion

On successful completion of the required courses you will be awarded a Certificate in Web Application Development and will be entitled to use the letters Cert Web Apps (Open) after your name.



As a student of The Open University, you should be aware of the content of the Award Regulations and the Student Regulations.

Award Regulations

Student Regulations

The Student Regulations (including the Code of Practice for Student Assessment and the Code of Practice for Student Discipline) are available on our Policy Documents for Students website.


How to register

To register for this qualification, read the description and check you meet any specific requirements (for example, some of our qualifications, require you to be working in a particular environment, or be sponsored by your employer). Then select the course you wish to study first and ensure it is suitable for you before following the registration procedure for that course.


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