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Drama Queen’s Latest Drama

Posted by gia
Categorized Under: Gossip, Manga, News, Western News
Dated: 2 Jun 2008

Unfortunately for yaoi fans everywhere, our favorite underdog publisher Drama Queen does not appear to be doing well. Boys Next Door has this report from a former (sort of?) Drama Queen employee, who posted on the DQ boards.

The basic sum-up is this: the company is floundering because investors haven’t come through with the money they need to print the books they’ve licensed. Things look pretty grim, and even pres/CEO Tran Nguyen, who is one of the cheeriest people alive, seems to have doubts now.

Is there hope? Well, Nguyen is considering a suggestion by YaoiSuki editor Jordan Marks of putting together a pledge list of fans who promise to buy the books when they come out– though I’m not entirely sure what that’s supposed to do, unless it’s to inspire confidence in the investors. There’s always the hope that the investors will come through eventually, but it seems unlikely to me that the Japanese license owners are going to be terribly patient– it’s my understanding that most licensing contracts have a time limit during which the materials have to start being released.

I’d like to say on a personal note that I agree with Taisa that Tran is a phenomenally kind and fun woman, and I really hate to see this happen to her. It’s sad, and it’s irritating to see excellent licenses like Tyrant Falls in Love and other promises fly by without hearing a word, but I don’t have it in me to hold it against her.

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One Response to “Drama Queen’s Latest Drama”

  1. Dawn Says:

    So, the question is whether DQ titles will manage to eclipse the amounts that BB titles are going for on eBay. I wanted to grab a few titles while I could, but their shop isn’t working. I got one off of Amazon, but I would rather buy directly from DQ under the circumstances.

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