By Lauren

Britney Performs "You Oughta Know"

Posted under Blog on September 6, 2009

Check out Brit's amazing cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" from her show last night in Greensboro. -Adam, manager (from Twitter)

Thanks to chaseconley for the video!

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  1. Barney Fife I Am And Damn Proud Of It 2. said:
    5 hours ago

    ... You are by far,
    ... the sexiest blonde
    ... I have ever seen, Brit.

  1. Zoe said:
    8 hours ago

    OMFG...brit sang it sooooooo was should check the comments in youtube about this performance everyone is so proud of brit...even the haters have nothing to tell...brit rocked the stage...rocked the song...i am so proud of her and so is the rest funs and people...keep up the good work you so much

  1. mike said:
    21 hours ago

    Wow! Fantastic! Great artistic move! Live, surprising, rock, attitude, a strond independent message,.. all was there!
    Keep sharing your talent such as this live unexpected version of a classic!
    Gimme more of this light! I love it and you should incorporate more of this in the remaining of your tour! You can afford to take risks. You've more than proven yourself...
    Thank you for your energy and all the good you bring.
    Be confident! You have 'it' :)

  1. woody duncan said:
    22 hours ago

    i wuz there and i think when she did this it just made tha show even better.

  1. kieran Khan said:
    23 hours ago

    This is an amazing cover! love Britneys voice, she should sing more songs like these

    Love Britney forever and ever :)

    where can I get a studio version of this? I want it on my ipod

  1. Natasha Brown said:
    1 day ago

    OMG ive been lookin for this song like 4ever
    britney u made this song so amazing , i love u & good luck on ur tour .

    ps . could you plz put phonography in ur tour.
    thanx xxxxxxx

  1. Deavy... said:
    1 day ago

    Oh She Rocks ... Big time

  1. MARTINE said:
    1 day ago

    britney why dont you release it it sounds amazing really suits it!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. cathy said:
    1 day ago

    this performance was amazing. she sounded great!! this just shows why britney is the best!! i wish she would have done this at the pittsburgh show!! <3

  1. Vanessa said:
    1 day ago

    When I heard this it brought tears to my eyes! Britney you have a fabulous voice!!! I'm so excited to see you in vegas later this month!!

  1. Chris said:
    1 day ago

    Britney great great great LUV U soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much come to SLOVAKIA pls ... you are the reason why I listen music :)

  1. Samuel Melo said:
    1 day ago

    Oh My God, she is the best ever!!!!!!!!!

  1. Xander said:
    1 day ago



  1. thomas said:
    1 day ago

    Great Job Britney!!! I knew you had it in you :)

  1. tina said:
    1 day ago

    omg she was great would love to see more of this

    this is why we all fell in love with britney because the girl can sing

  1. CatyaSpears said:
    1 day ago

    Oh Britney you look amazing! *.*

    I love you voice! Your voice it's like magic! I hear your voice everyday.

    Xoxo Britney
    I love you.

  1. A-Gie said:
    1 day ago

    Britney you have sung this song sooooooo well!!!! Hope you'll surprise us again in the next shows! Love you xoxo

  1. Amy said:
    1 day ago

    WOW, Britney sounds amazing covering "you ought to know" i honestly think she should release it!!!!!

    Britney you truely are one in a million.

    Lots of love xxxxx

  1. niomie phillips said:
    1 day ago

    Amazing Britney Please come back to manchester i saw you in london you were great but i was too high up bring the big screens with you xxxx

  1. Laurie said:
    1 day ago

    Britney-YOU ROCK!!!!!! Awesome- Even better than the original song :) To all the haters out there who say you can't sing- You just proved them wrong. Keep it up!! Keep on rockin- You are great at it!!!

  1. James said:
    1 day ago

    I Love this cover!! Well Done Britney!!!!! :)

  1. sharlay said:
    1 day ago

    I like it ! The song is better when it was Britney who sings !

  1. taboo said:
    1 day ago


  1. Marie said:
    1 day ago

    Britney, thank you for this amazing song, it was sooooo fantastic !!!!

  1. Danny78 said:
    1 day ago

    Hey Britney

    I just would say to you baby that .. you know its just my
    opinnion ... that you look much more pretty with your natural dark hair instead of blond .. just soo you know ....



  1. Ryan Kroon said:
    1 day ago

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Britney totally showed off her talent! I cant wait for "The Circus" to come to Oz!!

  1. Monika said:
    1 day ago

    Hi Britney, you were awesome! Congratulations! Now I can say that I'm proud of you...U RE MY STAR <3<3<3

  1. Aubrey said:
    1 day ago

    WOW!! OMG Britney sounded great!!! Man that was good I totally loved it I wish I was there!! That would have been cool! Way to go Britney I like your version way better! :) love you!!!

  1. Alie said:
    1 day ago

    I was there and this was AMAZING! Britney you are incredible :) It would be great to get this cover on a future album.

  1. nc4brit! said:
    1 day ago

    She was awesome last night in Greensboro! Her performance of You Oughta Know was awesome and classic britney!

  1. Steven Mailloux said:
    1 day ago

    OMG shes amazing !!!!!!!!!!! I love Alanis Morissette, god bless britney, OMG she rocks !!!!!!!!!! that outfit suits her so well WOW !!! Go britney, I hope this cover is featured on your next album !!!!!

  1. Xavier said:
    1 day ago

    It's never too late! It sounded really good miss Spears. Barcelona and Madrid are sad because they miss you! Congrats! oughta knooow! xxx

  1. Hayley said:
    1 day ago

    WOW! I just watched the clip, and had to watch it again & again & again! You were AWESOME Britney & you really kicked butt! I have always loved that song and you mastered it!
    I'm totally in awe and hope you include it in your tour Down Under! I can't wait to see you in concert!
    I also hope you do a re-make and release it yourself - I wanna buy it now!!!!
    OK - I'm off to watch the clip again! Take care!

  1. said:
    1 day ago

    Simply amazing! Keep it up Britney!

  1. daviid said:
    1 day ago

    It was just amazing! I'm dowloading the audio

  1. Amy said:
    1 day ago

    I love that song and her version, you can tell Britney enjoyed singing it.

  1. Andrej said:
    1 day ago

    Britney, i love your voice!!!

  1. April said:
    1 day ago

    OMG great great cover of "You Oughta Know" wow u rocked that out Britney!!!! love U!!!!

  1. Jason said:
    1 day ago

    Freakin HOT!!!!! She was in the zone ;) and it was SEXY!!!!!!!! She sounded awesome, hope she makes it a single, HOT!!!!!!

  1. sabrina said:
    1 day ago

    that kicked butt!!!!!!!! when will it be on itunes so i can buy it!!!!!

  1. clenio said:
    1 day ago

    What an amazing vocals brit!
    Your brazillians fans are so proud of you and we all are waiting for new pretty good cover songs like that one you did in Greensboro.
    What about you cover michael jackson? Bad (MJ song) would be amazing performed by you.

  1. AndreasZone said:
    1 day ago

    I'm speechless... it was soooo GREAT to hear her angel voice..... she roooooocked it

  1. Chase Conley said:
    1 day ago

    Wow its truly an honor to have my video on Brit's Official Website. I never thought this would happen. Last nights show was the most amazing show I ever saw. Wish I could go again :D heh

  1. johnny spears said:
    1 day ago

    Britney youve done it this time :D

  1. LEEANNA said:
    1 day ago


  1. TSDMusic said:
    1 day ago

    OMG She Rocked! i REally REally LOVED IT :D

  1. Lisa said:
    1 day ago

    She did AMAZING!!!! I want her version. Is there a possibility that it will be released?

  1. Pablo said:
    1 day ago

    That was awesome!! I've been watching it all day long on youtube. I think I've already seen every single recording of this performance there is on the internet. Britney is the best!! She sounds amazing!!
    Please, try to get a better quality video, you are her official website, you can do it!! We need to watch this in DVD quality. It's EPIC!!
    I love you Britney!! PLEASE COME TO CHILE!!!

  1. Mario said:
    1 day ago


  1. Danii said:
    1 day ago

    so glad she came to Manchester!
    my first concert EVERRR & it was Britney!
    just doesnt get any better tbh! :]

  1. Sonny Oviedo said:
    1 day ago

    I love hearing your voice,its so unique and great. you have a sound like no other!!! awsome vocals on "you oughta know!! I hope you sing it at Houston concert on Sept 16th. PLEASE!!!

  1. Zach said:
    1 day ago

    ABSOLULTY AMAZING! She sings so beautiful. Britney, please do this song in North Dakota!!!! I cant wait for the concert! Its the 2nd one since the target center!