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Bulk Mail

Australia Post offers competitive discounts on bulk mailing. Whether you pre-sort your mail for Australia Post or regularly dispatch publications, our range of bulk mail services will suit your needs.


  Your Guide to Bulk Mailing (pdf, 471kb)

Not sure where to start?  We have developed a step-by-step guide to help you choose the Bulk Mail service best suited to your needs.


   Bulk Mail Partner

The Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) program recognises Mail Houses who have invested in processes to make Mail Lodgement more efficient and effective.  Through the Bulk Mail Partner scheme, you can be confident that your mail is prepared and lodged using quality processes. 


   Paper Stock Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is for the guidance of customers, paper mills / merchants and printers, to ensure that your paper stock meets Australia Post’s requirements for envelope
construction and postcards.


Our Bulk Mail Services


   Acquisition Mail

Acquisition Mail allows you to send non-personalised addressed ('To the Resident') mail to households in specific postcodes, suburbs or Census Collection Districts (CCD's) for the purpose of acquiring them as customers.


  Clean Mail

The Clean Mail Service is available to customers who prepare a minimum of 300 letters of a standard suitable for processing by mechanised letter sorting equipment.


  Competition Mail

Competitions are a great way to generate new sales & build your list of prospective customers.  Australia Post's Competition Mail can be a powerful incentive to choose the mail as your response device. 


  Impact Mail

Impact Mail allows you to send mail items of virtually any shape or design, ranging from shaped postcards, form-cut brochures, die-cut booklets, or multi-dimensional folds, and all without the need for an envelope!  


  Local Country Delivery Service

Discounts are available to senders who reside or carry on a business within or adjacent to postcode areas serviced by the delivery office.


  Postage Meters

Postage Meters are modern franking machines that enable you to purchase and print postage at any time without leaving your office.  Postage meters can be used to access Australia Post's discounted business rates, such as PreSort Letters Service, Print Post, Clean Mail, and Charity Mail.  Australia Post will give you a 2.5% rebate on postage just for using a postage meter.


  PreSort Letters Service

The PreSort letters service is available to customers who lodge more than 300 letters of the same size category and weight step for delivery within Australia.


  Print Post Service

If you publish a regular newsletter, magazine or other periodical, you can save money by using Australia Post’s Print Post service.


  Reply Paid

A cost-effective way to increase responses to your direct mail communications.


  Unaddressed Mail Service

Unaddressed Mail is a low-cost mail service that can be used to communicate with prospective business and/or consumer customers in areas that you choose.

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Bulk Mail training program

  • Want to know more about how to prepare and lodge Bulk Mail?
  • Want to automatically receive updated training when changes to Bulk Mail products occur?
  • Register now to join the Bulk Mail Training Program


For information about other bulk mail services

Bulk Mail Partner Program

  • Is your business a Mail House?
  • Find out more about the BMP application process
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